Windstar Philippines & Borneo: Our Entire Journey

The 2018 Windstar President’s Cruise has come to a close as 14 days of live coverage from aboard Windstar Cruises 212-passenger Star Legend end in Hong Kong.  As I write this, thousands of photos are racing up into the cloud from my post-cruise hotel room at the Intercontinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong. After today’s return flight home to Orlando, packed with plenty of time for reflection, I’m doing something different. I’m going back to the South China Sea and starting over.

Over the next couple of weeks, it’s back to the beginning to recount each place visited along the way with Windstar Cruises. In detail not possible live. This will be fun.  Start Here.

Below is a complete list and links to what was posted live during the trip, nearly 3-weeks long including travel time to and from home. Does that sound like a lot?   Had their been space/time, I could have sailed on for another two weeks too.  It was just that good.

Published Live As We Traveled

Live, From Star Legend

At ChrisCruises

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After Travel- another look at our Windstar cruise, port by port

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  1. Emirates To Singapore
  2. Singapore
  3. Westin Singapore
  4. Singapore Embarkation
  5. Star Legend Suite 305
  6. T-Mobile Country Count
  7. AmphorA
  8. Signature Sailaways
  9. Star Legend Room Service
  10. Star Legend Philippines Instagram Photos
  11. James Beard Menu
  12. Kuching, Malaysia
  13. South China Sea Sunrise
  14. The Kingdom Of Brunei
  15. Kota Kinabalu Heritage Center
  16. Kota Kinabalu Wet Market
  17. Kota Kinabalu Beach Lunch
  18. Puerto Princessa Philippines Port
  19. Puerto Princessa Welcome
  20. Puerto Princessa On Tour
  21. Puerto Princessa Lunch
  22. Puerto Princessa Basket Weaving
  23. Puerto Princessa Shopping
  24. Puerto Princessa Locals Onboard
  25. Puerto Princessa Sail Away
  26. Coron, Philippines
  27. Coron, the Philippines On Tour
  28. Windstar Chef Nightly Briefing
  29. Chef Graeme Cockburn
  30. Star Legend Crew Barbecue
  31. Boracay, Philippines
  32. Graeme Cockburn Cooking Demo
  33. Manila Tour
  34. Port Of Manila
  35. Manila Arrival
  36. Manila Crew Families
  37. Manila Locals Onboard
  38. Manila Family Day Lunch
  39. Manila Hotel
  40. Manila Sail Away
  41. Watersports Marina Deployed
  42. Beach Barbecue Setup
  43. Hundred Islands Tour
  44. Hundred Islands Beach Barbecue
  45. Hundred Islands Welcome
  46. Hong Kong
  47. Intercontinental Hong Kong
  48. Hong Kong Night On The Town
  49. Emirates Return Flight Plan

Pinterest A variety of favorite photo experiences, posted in reflection after travel.


Exposure Photo Storybooks

Exposure Photo Storybooks- Usually created after sailing and reflection, these full-size images provide a distinctly different view of destinations and events also depicted elsewhere. Actually, you can preview the Windstar Experience via our storybook Windstar’s Costa Rica & Panama Canal. Our first time sailing with Windstar, this is the reason we came back.


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