Here We Go: Follow Along On Our Windstar Cruise Through The Philippines

Holidays past us, next up is an enchanting 14-night sailing with Windstar Cruises.  The itinerary is titled The Best Of The Philippines & Borneo, with 212-passenger Star Legend sailing from Singapore to Hong Kong.  Along the way, an intense exploration of the Philippines that brings a unique touring option never attempted before. More on that shortly.  On board for this sailing will be the ship’s Godmother and Windstar Cruises president.  Also a story in and of itself.  On the eve of leaving Orlando to begin this journey, your guide to help follow along on our Windstar cruise through the Philippines.

The occasion for this sailing is the 2018 Windstar President’s Cruise, the second such journey in as many years.  “Please join me and Windstar’s crew on a very special journey from Singapore to Hong Kong and share the timeless traditions and exotic places of their homeland,” said Windstar Cruises President John Delaney.  That sharing of traditions and exotic places is enabled by including the cruise line’s Filipino crew.

What better way could there be to see the Philippines than with crew members eager for us to see what they love best about their country?  I’ll be on hand to capture those moments and more in photos, some of which will be here.

Unique:  What do you know about cruise ship Godmothers?  The honored title enables them to bless ships when launched and break a bottle of champagne across the vessel bow… but what else do you know?  On board with us will be Star Legend Godmother Gloria Bohan, a long time leader in the travel business.  We hope to provide detail on what becoming a maritime Godmother involves.  It’s more than one might imagine.


The Best Of The Philippines & Borneo

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