Regardless of which ship, itinerary or time of the year we choose to sail, cruise ships take us take us to interesting places around the world in comfort.  Simply being at sea brings a plethora of marvelous photo opportunities by pointing cameras toward or away from ships.  Arrive at destinations along the way and a whole new batch of photo subjects appear.  Once just a way to remember our travels, photos have become more a part of the experience as time has gone on and make for a great way to tell our travel stories.

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Arriving in Vienna in the afternoon after a lovely day of scenic cruising along the Danube with Viking River Cruises, the stage was set for a perfect first day in Austria….actually, let me explain: in the afternoon we also sailed through the history of how the European Union was created with a Viking short film. Stop right there and we would have been briefed on how the Euro works, border control and more. But the topic continued throughout the day as we discussed a number of related topics with other passengers of similar backgrounds to ours and crew who are from many of the member nations. I think that I advertised element of the Viking experience is one of our favorite parts. Later the ships program director briefed us on the life of Mozart, appropriately just before most passengers left the ship for a wonderful concert we have enjoyed on previous travels with Viking. That was just before dinner which featured Austrian personal favorite Wiener Schnitzel. End it with a lovely sunset, reflective of our full day in Vienna tomorrow. Man, this is traveling

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