Our Last Trip, The Windstar Instagram Version

Windstar Cruises Best Of The Philippines & Borneo cruise sailed from Singapore to Hong Kong on a 14-night adventure packed full of authentic destination experiences. As we sailed, every day also brought a new tour of a land we fell in love with rather rapidly.  Each day brought another opportunity to add multiple photos to our Windstar Instagram collection.

Windstar Instagram

Simply put, connectivity while traveling out of our normal roaming area is more challenging.  To be more specific, most humans not traveling usually do not stray more than 100 square miles from home on any given day*.  The farther they get from home, the more challenging connecting becomes.  When we go on trips like this we have goals for our sharing effort.  This is not sharing goals like “to heck with my sister, I want that last piece of pie’.   This is more along the lines of taking our best guess as to which social platform will perform best under strange conditions.  Instagram and Facebook continue to be most efficient, by far.  This trip proved no different.

A review of our feed after travel confirms that body of photos as a good taste of what we experienced along the way.  Here, take a look:

Can’t Get Enough Winstar Instagram?  Check these active Instagram feeds:

Actually, while this post was created after traveling and after reviewing thousands of photos, searching for these likely sources before travel then tagging Instagram posts with those tags is a great way to enable more people to see and follow along with your experience.

*Ok, that’s actually the average area ruled by a pride of lions but you get the idea. Back and forth to work is the most commonly traveled route for all of us.