Windstar Cruise Unexpected: Specific Examples

Windstar Cruises has a unique way of sailing around the world. One point in favor of a diverse small ship fleet unlike any other, Windstar takes travelers closer to destinations.  Still, they are not the only company with small ships that carry travelers numbering less than 1000.  There are others.  Windstar is different for a number of reasons, one of which is their Cruise Unexpected tag which fits like a glove.  But what does Cruise Unexpected mean?  Today we have some specific examples.

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Below is a complete list and links to what was posted live during the trip, nearly 3-weeks long including travel time to and from home. Does that sound like a lot?   Had their been space/time, I could have sailed on for another two weeks too.  It was just that good.

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Posted In Reflection, After Travel– another look at our Windstar cruise

  • Singapore With Windstar Cruises
  • Kuching, Malaysia- coming soon
  • The Kingdom Of Brunei- coming soon
  • Kota Kinabalu, The Philippines- coming soon
  • Palawan, The Philippines- coming soon
  • Coron, The Philippines- coming soon
  • Boracay, The Philippines- coming soon
  • Manila, The Philippines- coming soon
  • Hundred Islands, The Philippines- coming soon
  • Hong Kong- coming soon

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  • Google+– ChrisCruises posts in a different place
  • Twitter– Multiple unautomated tweets of each element of our travels.  Check the tags #WindstarCruises, #WindstarPrez

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  • Flickr Photo Albums- loading now, one album with multiple unprocessed photos of each onboard event, destination visited, tour experienced and more.
  • Pinterest A variety of photo experiences, posted in reflection after travel.
  • Exposure Photo Storybooks- Usually created after sailing and reflection, these full-size images provide a distinctly different view of destinations and events also depicted elsewhere. Actually, you can preview the Windstar Experience via our storybook Windstar’s Costa Rica & Panama Canal. Our first time sailing with Windstar, this is the reason we came back.


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