Our Alaska Adventure: Just The Links

Another part of preparing a 7-day  sailing with  for Oprah’s Share The Adventure Cruise: providing a list of ways to follow along with our journey.   Sharing our previous travel experiences on other cruise lines, one part of the process is crystal clear: you just can’t get enough and we’re good with that. Here then is the production plan, a list of where to find us as we travel via a variety of social sharing platforms:

Twitter- follow @ChrisCruises

Official #tags and accounts to follow along with for this event:  Subscribe to our #OMAGonHAL Twitter List for all the latest tweets, as they are posted.

  • @HALcruises– Holland America Line, aHere to help you explore the world
  • @O_Magazine- O, The Oprah Magazine, information and inspiration so that you can live your best life
  • @Oprah- Oprah Winfrey, well, you know
  • @GayleKing- Gayle King, co-host of CBSThisMorning and Editor at Large of O, The Oprah Magazine.
  • @TheRealAdamSays- Adam Glassman, Creative Director of O, The Oprah Magazine
  • @LucyKaylin- Lucy Kaylin, Editor in Chief at O, The Oprah Magazine
  • @LeighHaber– Leigh Haber, O Mag books editor
  • @LizStrout– Elizabeth Strout, Pulitzer Prize-winning author
  • @India.Arie– India.Aire, Artist & Explorer
  • @ElettraW- Elettra Wiedemann, Founder: Impatient Foodie
  • @GlennonDoyle– Glennon Doyle- Author, Founder: MOMASTERY
  • @shapewithangela– Angela Davis, Motivational Coach, Fitness Evangelist
  • @ritarudner– Rita Rudner- Comedian, author, actress, mom.

Unofficial Associated #hashtags and accounts we will engage: #Alaska, #AlaskaCruise, #HollandAmerica Line, #cruise, #travel, #cruises, @PortofSeattle, @SeaTacAirport, @Delta, @MCO, @Tmobile, @Tmobilehelp

Instagram- ChrisCruises will highlight my favorite part of every day.

Flickr Photo Albums- just photos, no words: all the images we capture, free to share and use as you wish with attribution.

  • Travel Day- Making my way from Orlando to Seattle then on to the ship.  Strongly suggested: one of the few non-stop flights available if booked far enough in advance.
  • Oprah’s Share The Adventure Guide– a complete overview of new programming introduced on our sailing to already engaging Holland America Line programming.
  • The Port of Seattle- The convenient cruise port where we begin and end our voyage. Pier 91 is the farther away from the airport option. Pier 66 is closer. Pier 91 enables more of a view of the city on the way to the ship.
  • Seattle Embarkation- getting on the ship in Seattle then going directly to our staterooms, all of which were ready upon our arrival.  A huge factor for those of us who travel with carry on luggage only and refuse to let anyone else handle it.
  • America’s Test Kitchen comes to sea on Holland America Line bringing new life to the Culinary Arts Center
  • Angela Davis– Fitness Evangelist gets Holland America travelers up out of their seats for an inspiring at sea work out
  • Just Breathe- Holland America travelers start the day the right way with meaningful meditations and daily intentions
  • Eurodam Open Decks- random photos from around the ship in no apparent order
  • Holland America Line Room Service- Simply some of the best in the business and one feature I rarely have enough time to explore.  Kudos for offering a taste of specialty restaurants in a boxed lunch sort of way delivered to your stateroom.
  • Stateroom 4158- a nicely-appointed standard Verandah stateroom, typical of others on ms Eurodam and the rest of the Holland America fleet.  Special treat: recently retrofitted to include lots of USB ports
  • Holland America Crew– random shots of crew members going about their day
  • Seen At Sea- random images of other ships and interesting thing we saw while sailing
  • Juneau Alaska– seen with Holland America Line where we got off the ship to hunt for bear
  • O’s Book Club- a new feature on Holland America Line ships, an onboard version of Oprah’s book club highlights one of the most common cruise activities that, up until now, had nothing to do with the cruise line.
  • Glaciers- We spent a day slow sailing to glaciers then paused at each to examine them further. Oddly, the feeling is much like the experience of going through a full transit of the Panama Canal.
  • Hunting For Bear- we went by plane to hunt for bear in remote places where we saw no other humans as far as the eye could see.  We did see a bear though.
  • O-Specific Content- flyers, handouts, keepsakes collected during the Oprah’s Share The Adventure Cruise
  • Sel de Mer- Chef Rudi Sodamin’s pop-up restaurant appearing once on each 7-day cruise
  • Alaska Sunrise- not a big of a deal on an Alaska cruise as they are more difficult to capture
  • Ketchikan- The place for totem pole lovers and shoppers
  • Adam Glassman shows us trendy cruise wear, available in onboard O-shop
  • Tamarind Bento Box– specialty dinner venue delivered to your stateroom
  • Oprah On The Menu- one item per day, featured in the buffet area
  • Oprah Appears- a conversation with Oprah on the ship’s main stage
  • Eurodam- exterior photos

AS WE SAIL- check back from time to time- these raw images are automatically uploaded 24/7 when connectivity permits


Facebook Photo Albums- much like Flickr Photo Albums, the Facebook version features a story and select photos that illustrate the topic, tour or onboard event.


Google + – Our daily blog posts here, shared via Google + for your convenience


Pinterest Don’t look for much here while traveling in the wilderness of Alaska. Large images take forever to load via our satellite network.   This is Alaska: everything is big. Tiny images are inappropriate. Regardless, I have two boards for this so far which may not have much in them for a while.


Tumblr Previously ignored by me for the most part, Tumblr has become incredibly efficient with a series of upgrades.  This has been Lisa’s kingdom, focusing on TheWorldAsLisaSeesIt, one photo every day for years.


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Pre-Cruise Posts– context for what we are about to share with you

The Main Event- posts with content sourced at the scene

Check Back Often: This list will be updated along the way then after travel, in reflection.


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