Smart Money: Now Carnival Cruise Line Accepts PayPal

Travelers like the inclusive nature of a cruise vacation that often brings far greater value than visiting the same place by land or air. Cruise lines allow booking far in advance too which brings the opportunity pre-pay that amazing experience, avoiding the post-travel depression of credit card bills that can linger for years after.  Now, in a ‘why didn’t someone think of this before?” move of sorts, Carnival Cruise Line accepts PayPal.

Carnival Cruise Line accepts PayPal


In the photo above, can you tell which of these people paid for their vacation in advance?  Is it possible to know who might have charged it on any given credit card, made payments along the way or will be paying for it for years to come?  Of course not.  Once on the ship, we’re all about the same when it comes to how we got there, what we paid and are likely to spend on board.  Over the years, I’ve heard it all too, believing some stories while discounting others.  To fans of cruise travel, nothing is off the table to keep the fun coming including cashing in life insurance, bonds intended for their children’s college education or even diverting funds from student loans.


Carnival Cruise Line accepts PayPal


Carnival Cruise Line already accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diner’s Club, and MasterPass.  To guarantee onboard purchases, those same cards or cash can be used as well.  Offering more flexibility than ever before, cruise travelers can securely choose whichever payment method they prefer to use to make purchases, whether it is a credit card, debit card, bank account or PayPal balance – it’s their choice.

Joining the 15 million global active merchant accounts that accept PayPal as a digital payment method, the move by Carnival Cruise Line provides an easy and convenient payment option from any device. PayPal can be used by guests when making an initial deposit on their cruise or any balance due.


Carnival Cruise Line accepts PayPal


Carnival Cruise Line customers will now be able to make purchases more quickly and securely online or on mobile via the PayPal button. The integration will also enable One Touch™, so customers who opt-in can checkout without having to type in any payment credentials, usernames or passwords.

PayPal can be used as a method of payment for any of Carnival Cruise Line’s three- to 15-day cruises that visit destinations throughout the Caribbean, The Bahamas, Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, Panama Canal, Canada, New England and other popular cruising regions.