Our Alaska Adventure- How To Follow Along With Us

Another part of preparing a 7-day  sailing with  for Oprah’s Share The Adventure Cruise: providing a list of ways to follow along with our journey.   Sharing our previous travel experiences on other cruise lines, one part of the process is crystal clear: you just can’t get enough and we’re good with that. Here then is the production plan, a list of where to find us as we travel via a variety of social sharing platforms:

Twitter- follow @ChrisCruises and see our live Twitter feed on the right side of this page

Official #tags and accounts to follow along with for this event:  Subscribe to our #OMAGonHAL Twitter List for all the latest tweets, as they are posted.

  • @HALcruises– Holland America Line, aHere to help you explore the world
  • @O_Magazine- O, The Oprah Magazine, information and inspiration so that you can live your best life
  • @Oprah- Oprah Winfrey, well, you know
  • @GayleKing- Gayle King, co-host of CBSThisMorning and Editor at Large of O, The Oprah Magazine.
  • @TheRealAdamSays- Adam Glassman, Creative Director of O, The Oprah Magazine
  • @LucyKaylin- Lucy Kaylin, Editor in Chief at O, The Oprah Magazine
  • @LeighHaber– Leigh Haber, O Mag books editor
  • @LizStrout– Elizabeth Strout, Pulitzer Prize-winning author
  • @India.Arie– India.Aire, Artist & Explorer
  • @ElettraW- Elettra Wiedemann, Founder: Impatient Foodie
  • @GlennonDoyle– Glennon Doyle- Author, Founder: MOMASTERY
  • @shapewithangela– Angela Davis, Motivational Coach, Fitness Evangelist
  • @ritarudner– Rita Rudner- Comedian, author, actress, mom.

Unofficial Associated #hashtags and accounts we will engage: #Alaska, #AlaskaCruise, #HollandAmerica Line, #cruise, #travel, #cruises, @PortofSeattle, @SeaTacAirport, @Delta, @MCO, @Tmobile, @Tmobilehelp

Instagram- ChrisCruises will highlight my favorite part of every day.


Flickr Photo Albums- just photos, no words: all the images we capture, free to share and use as you wish with attribution.


Facebook Photo Albums- much like Flickr Photo Albums, the Facebook version features a story and select photos that illustrate the topic, tour or onboard event.


Google + – Our daily blog posts here, shared via Google + for your convenience


Pinterest Don’t look for much here while traveling in the wilderness of Alaska. Large images take forever to load via our satellite network.   This is Alaska: everything is big. Tiny images are inappropriate. Regardless, I have two boards for this so far which may not have much in them for a while.


Tumblr Previously ignored by me for the most part, Tumblr has become incredibly efficient with a series of upgrades.  This has been Lisa’s kingdom, focusing on TheWorldAsLisaSeesIt, one photo every day for years.


Alaska Adventure

ChrisCruises- Check right here for the latest posts, one a day, as we travel.  Better yet, subscribe (see this page, right) and we will send an email when there is a new post.  You can also click HAPPENING NOW in the menu above. Easier yet, here they are:

Pre-Cruise Posts– context for what we are about to share with you

This list will be updated along the way then after travel, in reflection.