Holland America Today: Start Here

It took a number of events, sailings, special investigations and other efforts to get us where we are today with Holland America Line: Impressed.  Dedicating new ms Koningsdam in the Netherlands was a grand occasion done with just the right amount of celebratory activities.  Frankly, the ship speaks for herself, going beyond offering a number of unique features as most new ships like to have bragging rights for.  I promised details on the ship and those will come.  Before we get to that point, it’s a much better story if we take a little time to see where Holland America Line came from, Holland America today and what the future has in store.  This is one of those stories you will thank me for spending a lot of time on when we meet in person years from now.

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All of the above and we have not even begun to talk specifics of the hardware and, more importantly, what Holland America does with it.  The crew?  Also a great story as well as a number of other topics being written right now by me or someone else:

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