Holland America Today: Start Here

It took a number of events, sailings, special investigations and other efforts to get us where we are today with Line: Impressed.  Dedicating new ms Koningsdam in the Netherlands was a grand occasion done with just the right amount of celebratory activities.  Frankly, the ship speaks for herself, going beyond offering a number of unique features as most new ships like to have bragging rights for.  I promised details on the ship and those will come.  Before we get to that point, it’s a much better story if we take a little time to see where Line came from, today and what the future has in store.  This is one of those stories you will thank me for spending a lot of time on when we meet in person years from now.

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All of the above and we have not even begun to talk specifics of the hardware and, more importantly, what Holland America does with it.  The crew?  Also a great story as well as a number of other topics being written right now by me or someone else:

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