When A Day Is Not Enough: Revisiting Favorite Ports In Similar Style

One of the core qualities of travel via cruise ship is unpacking once but visiting a number of interesting destinations.  Compare visiting those same places via land or air and the value is strikingly obvious.  Still, some places visited along the way resonate with us more than others.  The star location on a particular itinerary, a place we did not want to leave when it was time to go or maybe a location where it happened to rain the day we visited come to mind. Regardless of the reason for revisiting favorite ports, cruise travelers also like traveling in style and cruise lines deliver.  But who to turn to then for a similar experience on land?

Egyptian Museum Of Antiquities - 11

Traveling with leading luxury travel company Abercrombie & Kent not long ago, we went deep into destinations in Egypt and Jordan.  Every step of the way, A&K had us covered, providing the ultimate in accommodations, transportation and cuisine on our trip.  Classified as an Abercrombie & Kent Luxury Small Group Journey, it was indeed that and the experience totally redefined the word ‘luxury’ for me.  Beyond fancy and a high star rating, A&K Luxury means we experienced Egypt with a certified, degreed Egyptologist.

Petra (Hi Res) - 114

In Jordan we went right down to street level with a distinctly different guide that offered an entirely different perspective.  Also included, a Nile River Cruise which drew me there but turned out to be just one part of the experience.

Seen in Port - Da Nang, Vietnam - 053

Sailing with Seabourn on the Seabourn Food And Wine Cruise, we stopped for a day in Vietnam.  Had we wanted more time, that was not an option.  Still, revisiting favorite ports in that interesting country, in similar luxury,  is entirely possible with Abercrombie & Kent as we see in this video.

Hawks Cay Resort - 020

Admittedly, regardless of how we go about revisiting favorite ports, it can be an expensive proposition.  Perhaps begin getting a feel for what it might revisiting favorite ports with a closer to home place like the Florida Keys.  We did just that not long ago and I have to tell you: it was wonderful.

Hawks Cay Resort - 088

We had visited Key West as a port of call on a number of cruise lines and enjoyed each visit.  Taking a few days at Hawks Key Resort in the Florida Keys was an entirely different experience and one we might want to repeat again.

Revisiting Favorite Ports

When we travel, it is not uncommon to visit destinations and agree “I could live here”.  Back on realistic ground we know deep inside that being there via cruise ship on vacation is probably a different experience than actually living there. There’s that and the ‘we like living in the United States’ thing working against such a move.  Still, lingering a while is entirely possible at nearly every destination cruise ships visit around the world.  But where to go for planning, pricing and booking such a trip?  I have a new resource for that as well.

Revisiting Favorite Ports

Revisiting Favorite Ports- A Source

Remember that sailaway from New York on Cunard Line’s remastered Queen Mary 2 we did not long ago?  (click here to refresh memory) To capture those images of Cunard Line’s flagship and a variety of scenes around New York City from the water, we enjoyed a harbor cruise in a small pleasure craft.    The Captain?   Richard Shane, CEO of the World’s Greatest Vacations, a travel agency that indeed does book such travel products for those interested in revisiting favorite ports.

Revisiting Favorite Ports

This is a guy that gets it about travelers, especially cruise travelers, and he also plans cruise vacations as well.  But that’s not the point.  This is a really nice guy who is fun to be around and/or work with who has the extensive contacts needed to plan such a trip.

Revisiting Favorite Ports

That trip to the Florida Keys?  We booked that ourselves and you could too.  Heading back to an exotic port of call without the organization provided by the cruise line?  That we would need a good agent for and Richard would be one great resource to begin with for revisiting favorite ports.