We Were There Moments: A Distinct Advantage Of Cruise Travel

Everyone has an impression of the world around them.  To each individual,  that perception is their preferred reality.  Personal experiences, thoughts, and feelings throughout life define that view. A teacher sparks a lifelong interest in a topic.  We learn from success, failure and every outcome in-between. But then there are points of pristine clarity. Shared, meaningful occasions when two or more people wholeheartedly agree without any ambiguity.  Such are the We Were There moments shared by travelers.

We Were There Moments

We were there moments commonly resolve after the fact.

  • News of a bombing in London shows a location we visited and we say “Remember that? We were right there!”
  • Our friends are planning a trip somewhere and ask for recommendations on what to do.  We were there moments deliver that information.
  • Lost luggage and unexpected weather events, unpleasant at the time, make for great we were there moments
  • Watching an engaging film, the best story takes a back seat as we recognize places in the scene because we were there.

We Were There Moments

We were there moments are often one of the best, most enduring outcomes of travel.  They seem to happen by chance or are simply the nature of travel.  True to a point but there are ways to increase the likelihood of having we were there moments.   Learning about the cruise line and destinations on an itinerary is a good idea.  Checking off all the boxes between booking and sailing can help too.  The cruise line and/or your travel agent can help with that.  We can also roll in some different sources of information that are not as familiar, expanding our world even before we leave home.

  • Acorn TV streams world-class mysteries, dramas, and comedies from Britain and beyond. Binge-watch a classic series or discover your new favorite show among dozens of programs available exclusively on Acorn TV. Acorn TV has thousands of hours of commercial-free programming and new shows added weekly.  Right now, they offer a free trial week.  Why not turn that on just before your next trip?
  • Amazon Video is a wonderful feature that comes as part of Amazon Prime membership.  I am in the habit of downloading movies to devices before travel.  On a long international flight, waiting at airports or a beach in the Caribbean, that entertainment handy to have.   Preparing for a sailing with Windstar Cruises not long ago,  I found Amazon video resources on Panama & Costa Rica, as well as several short films, packed full of basic information.
  • Destination- and  Topic-Specific Travel Blogs are sources that can embed relevant information now that will add up to more we were there moments later.  A good example comes from the world of travel photography.  ThePlanetd provides vivid impressions of places we might visit around the globe, images captured in just about every way other than the standard postcard view. That’s significant in this discussion because odds are we will not see that postcard view in real time.  It might be cloudy, there might be obstructions blocking our view or other unexpected elements.


Those are a few of the actual ways and sources we can tap to maximize the possibility of more we were there travel moments in the future.  Now, let’s briefly put our heads back in the clouds to solidify why we want more We Were There moments.

We Were There Moments

We define ourselves by the company we keep, our views on social issues and other topics of a personal nature.  We may or may not share that information with others. We might nod in agreement or shake our head in disgust. We do that openly or silently to ourselves. We might “like” something we agree with on Facebook or silently choose to see less from that person.  We were there moments are like the Sweden of memories; socially, politically and philosophically neutral.  They are one of the least talked about but best part created by the shared experience of cruise travel