Viking Cruises Cultural Exploration A Consistent Theme

As we sail along on the maiden voyage of Viking Cruises new Viking Sea, we’re going one on one with the destinations we visit on our Empires of the Mediterranean Itinerary.  Sailing from Istanbul to Venice, an included tour at each port of call enables that cultural exploration.  An included part of the deal, this is nothing new to fans of Viking, accustomed to an off ship focus on their river cruise product as well.  As mentioned before, Vikings don’t sit still long though and are constantly looking for new ways to do what they do better.   A recent sponsorship highlighting Viking Cruises cultural exploration adds further credibility to that notion and serves as a springboard for an appropriate refocus of our efforts here.



Not long ago, Viking announced that it had signed on as presenting sponsor of The Vikings Exhibition, which recently debuted in New York City’s Discovery Times Square.  Representing the largest display of Viking artifacts ever to visit North America, The Vikings Exhibition explores the rich Viking culture with more than 500 treasures, some never before seen outside of Scandinavia.

“Viking’s commitment to cultural exploration extends far beyond the walls of our ships.” – Richard Marnell, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Viking Cruises.

Visitors to New York City and The Vikings Exhibition will see full-scale model Viking ships, experience daily life of the Viking people with hands-on interactive activities, and learn about Norse mythology which dates back as far back as 750-1100 AD.   The interesting displays include jewelry, metalwork Screenshot 2016-04-06 15.40.43craftsmanship and religious iconography including the earliest known Scandinavian crucifix as well as  striking silver pendants representing the pagan gods.

The limited time exhibition runs through September 2016 and highlights why Viking culture still captivates our imagination.  Also highlighting the Viking culture, a walk-through onboard Viking Heritage exhibition on both Viking Star and brought forward as a standard fleet feature on new Viking Sea.


Viking Cruises Cultural Exploration


While the onboard exhibit traces Viking history with museum-quality precision, it is one element in an overall program that weaves its way through many other areas of the Viking cruise experience.

The Tools Of Viking Cruises Cultural Exploration

Online Resources- First time visitors to Viking’s engaging website find a plethora of information to aid in their initial buying decision.  A rich video library aptly describes what they will see and do on both the river and ocean cruise product.  We have tested a number of these video depictions of what travelers will see and do on Viking river cruises to our actual experience.  On a Christmas Markets Cruise, our Accuracy Check revealed near perfect alignment between what we experienced and Viking’s video promise.  The same strict Accuracy Check standards were applied to a Southern France river cruise, also passing the test with flying colors.


Viking Cruises Cultural Exploration


Onboard Detail weaves Viking Cruises cultural exploration through the live experience as well. Viking’s sponsorship of public television’s Masterpiece Theater is probably best known for the popular Downton Abbey series.  While that program’s production may have ended, the award-winning program’s presence continues, even on Viking’s newest ocean ship, Viking Sea.  Mixed in with an extensive library of hardbacks scattered throughout comfortable spaces on board Viking ships, traces of Viking’s modern day legacy such as a copy of  the Rules For Household Staff  ($13.50 Amazon) that caught Whitney’s eye one day.

Further embedded Viking Cruises cultural exploration evidence can be found in artifacts, rare editions and memorabilia in most areas of the ship, as we see in this brief collection of images captured just walking around Viking Sea.


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New On Viking Sea
One element of the Viking River Cruise product that we missed sailing Viking Star was the collection of Viking jewelry available for purchase onboard the fleet of Viking Longships.  Lisa enjoys many pieces of the collection that includes pendants, pins and a charm bracelet with collectable charms we add from time to time.

Updated for new Viking Sea, an expanded collection of Viking-themed jewelry on display and available for purchase that makes for a very nice reminder of the very nice time experienced on board.

New At ChrisCruises
Viking has evolved their onboard experience in other ways as well.  All are worthy of full exploration, as we discover them, while sailing aboard Viking Sea.  This is where we will refocus our efforts a bit, adding to the big, broad ‘what it feels like’ to sail with Viking to more of a microscopic look, worthy of Viking’s extreme efforts to please their guests.

As mentioned in previous posts, new Viking Sea would be easy to mistake for a ship that has been in the water a year, running smoother than any other new ship we have experienced.  That did not come by accident nor the will of Viking Gods who no doubt do have a hand in things around here.


Viking Cruises Cultural Exploration

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