Viking Caribbean Preview: Your Questions Answered

So this time next week we will have sailed away from New York City on the way to the Caribbean.   Nothing really unusual about that, cruise ships do it all the time.  But that we will be back on board Ocean Cruises new Star, heading to the Caribbean for the first time; that’s big news.  With just a few days to go on our Countdown To The Caribbean focus, we’ve covered a lot of ground.  Our New York to the West Indies itinerary has been detailed, along with the excursions that are included in each port of call.  We made our way around the ship as Star made her way to North America for the first time on an interesting In The Wake Of Vikings itinerary that ended in Montreal.  Covering many of the Caribbean-friendly features Ocean Cruises we still have a few more to go before taking another look, comparing our expectation to the actual experience.  First, some questions from readers that have come up along the way.

Viking Caribbean Preview

Dr. Roger C from Tulsa jumps right in, tackling a topic that is sure to be on the mind of anyone who has ever sailed in the Caribbean, asking “So where is the best bar on ?”

Roger, the aft-facing Aquavit Bar is (not really shown on the diagram below but about where the hot tub is) the obvious choice that will be super popular in the Caribbean, perhaps even more than in other parts of the world where Viking Star has sailed.  The location overlooks the ship’s infinity pool and doubles as the service bar for both sides of the ships World Cafe.  They need that because wine and beer are included during lunch and dinner.  Also, many travelers will probably choose to upgrade that to the Silver Spirits Plan ($19.99 per person, per day- You just need to do that Roger) that extends that time to around the clock and increases the choices.

A personal favorite, the World Cafe is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner  and is popular worldwide for multiple reasons.  Looking in, there is an open display kitchen where the menu items featured are produced as well as other hot stations on both sides that serve up culinary delights that change daily.  Looking out, if the weather is bad we see what is around the ship on floor-to-ceiling windows.  If the weather is good, those windows are open and Viking travelers spill out onto the deck.

Viking Caribbean Preview

The same goes for dining spaces in front of the Aquavit Bar which fan out on both sides of the infinity pool.  Additional seating is located on the deck above where comfy loungers await.  While crowding is rare on Viking Star, this is one of the least crowded areas of the ship and sure to be a hit in the Caribbean for its top deck location. Also on that top deck, on one side is the ship’s one and only smoking area.  Not to be relegated to some unpleasant space, even the smoking area features comfortable chairs and tables and is serviced from the Pool Bar directly below.

Viking Caribbean Preview

Roger, I have to tell you though, while the Aquavit bar will be popular, to rule out the Pool Bar would be a mistake, especially at time of the day when the main pool cover is open and the ship’s Oaseas Band plays.  Actually, come to think of it, where “the best” bar is kind of depends on the time of day.

Viking Caribbean Preview

The Living Room bar is located on what would be considered the main floor of a hotel lobby, where the Explorer’s Desk (think concierge with super powers), Guest Services, a computer center and multiple areas of more comfortable seating areas interspersed with bookshelves, reading material and a whole lot more are located.  It’s where I start my day with a double espresso but could choose from full bar service or a display case of tasty treats that changes appropriately throughout the day.

Viking Caribbean Preview

Go up high and forward and we find the Explorer’s Lounge which is the king daddy of observation lounges at sea.  Seriously, I go out of my way not to throw other cruise lines under the bus as I write about this ship but the double deck Explorer’s Lounge simply blows everyone else away.  Solidifying that hold on top lounge rank an ancillary dining venue, Mamsen’s,  goes from morning through night and, like that display case of tasty treats in the living room, Mamsen’s too changes offerings throughout the day.

Viking Caribbean Preview

The Viking Experience Flows Throughout Viking Star

This is one really long answer to what appeared to be a really simple question but it speaks to one of the most wonderful parts of Viking Star if not the entire Viking Ocean Cruise choreography: it flows.

One area, one dining venue, the menu in that dining venue all appropriately reflect what cruise travelers want/need/ask for during a particular time of the day.  Bonus: they are all appropriately staffed throughout the day.  Example: Even when in port when most Viking travelers are off ship on an included tour and the Explorer’s Lounge is nearly deserted, a crew member happens by to see if there is anything the one and only person there might want.

Viking Caribbean Preview

Interestingly, while this entire post accurately summarizes the “drinking” topic that is so very much a part of any other Caribbean cruise, it is but one part of the Viking Ocean Cruises Caribbean experience that extends to so many other areas.

The Countdown Continues

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