The United Basic Economy Experience: What To Expect

United Basic Economy is a relatively new fare option for price-sensitive travelers that became available for purchase earlier this year.  This month, the first United Basic Economy travelers will take to the air from select markets in the United States and short-haul Latin and Caribbean destinations.   That puts United Basic Economy on our pre- and post- cruise services radar as a viable choice for price-sensitive cruise travelers.   The price is nice, the booking was easy, now it’s time to fly.  Here’s what to expect with the United Basic Economy experience:

United Airlines and American Airlines both have added basic economy recently.  Delta Airlines has offered the discounted fare longer.  On all three airlines, Basic Economy is as the term would indicate: a basic version of Main Cabin, offering the same services with fewer flexibility options for a lower price.

Let’s compare the three:

United Basic Economy Experience

Graph: Uniglobe Travel Center

See the difference, in the airline’s own words: