The Travel Gear Review No One Wants To Write

This story has been floating around in the office for a couple weeks but just gets moved from place to place.  Do you ever do that?  Have some document or object that rates high enough to keep it out of the trash but not quite high enough to be really important?  The thing is something of interest but not something you talk about with other people, or at least not with strangers.  Hold that thought for a moment as I introduce you to Fresh Ends Luxurious Towelettes.

The name sort of gives it away, so it should come as no surprise what purpose of this product is.  Fresh Ends Luxurious Towelettes provide “a touch of luxury you can’t leave behind…” or so goes the company slogan.  Packed in handy and attractively designed foil packs, Fresh Ends Luxurious Towelettes fit easily in purses, handbags, even shirt pockets. Actually, this is the Fresh Ends line we’re talking about and they have us covered from beginning to end.  FreshStarts is a sister product focusing on the opposite end and good for makeup removal.

“a touch of luxury you can’t leave behind…”- Fresh Ends Luxurious Towelette web site, a slogan of sorts.

Like Fresh Ends Luxury Towelettes, Fresh Starts is also flushable on all evacuation systems making these two serious contenders for packing list line item space.

We tried the entire line here in the office.  Whitney said of the Fresh Starts, “Those would be great on a long travel day.  Even if it was not to remove make up and just cleanse my face, very good product.”  When asked about Fresh Ends, Whitney did not hesitate to add (Fresh Ends are) “…also quite refreshing, good size, absolutely live up to their claim, sturdy but soft.”  Getting a bit behind on the test, I frequently asked if everyone here in the office was fresh.  If not, I now had the luxurious solution.

Screenshot 2016-02-19 11.25.52

Fresh Ends image

Better yet, all of the Fresh Ends products are a good value too.   Here is the rock-bottom low price for some of the products that caught our attention.

  • A Travel Pack of 6 Fresh Ends Luxurious Towelettes is just $5. Multi-packs for longer trips are also available for your convenience.
  • Designer dispensers are just perfect to keep things organized in the small confines of a standard cruise line bathroom.
  • Lovely Baskets full of products are available in choice sure to be the perfect match for your bathroom ensemble.

Invite Friends, Have A Party

I like the social focus of Fresh Ends too.  Intended to be there when we need them, perhaps before an intimate moment, seems to equate to a number of packaging choices

  • The Overnighter has one 6 towelette travel pack and a pack of 25 refills.
  • The Weekender has two 6 towelette travel packs (his and hers, his and his, hers and hers, whatever…one per person) plus 2, 25 unit refills AND a 30 unit gift box (to get things going?”
  • The JetSetter has two 6 towelette travel packs plus 3, 25 unit refills AND a 3- 30 unit gift box (invite friends over?)
  • The Resident is like someone moved in I think; two 6 towelette travel packs plus 6, 25 unit refills AND  3- 30 unit gift boxes (invite friends over?)

My opinion?  Already in my travel backpack