The Relaxed Koningsdam Sailing Experience

The last stop on our 7-night Norse Legends sailing with Holland America Line, Bergen is the one city in Norway that I had been to before.  Visiting aboard new ms Koningsdam, we would spend the day, departing in the afternoon then sailing overnight and the next day back to Amsterdam.  Looking back, with the lions share of experience behind us, it’s easy to tag the relaxed Koningsdam sailing experience as a huge but unadvertised part of the deal.

Pinnacle Class Features - 11

On this itinerary, a relaxed direction began in Amsterdam as a Holland America Line representative met us just outside of the airport baggage claim area, as promised.  A well-organized ground operation brought us to our pre-cruise hotel early; around 8AM.  My initial thought/concern, “I sure hope I don’t have to wait until the 3PM check-in time” was short lived as rooms were ready.  Coming in to Amsterdam two days before sailing was also a good idea.   Leaving jet lag behind, I boarded new ms Koningsdam ready to go as were staterooms.  So far so good, seamless embarkation.  The same quality experience would be on hand throughout the journey, every step of the way.


An accurate description of the Koningsdam onboard ambiance would include these items:

  • Relax, there are plenty of comfortable seats for everyone, everywhere.
  • Abundant dining experiences are on equal footing with each other; one is not far better than the other and all are wonderful.
  • For-a-charge items are reasonably priced and beverage packages are available, although there will be no hard sell tactics used here.
  • Yes, they have a youth program and it is located far away from generally-used public spaces.
  • This standard stateroom is so comfortable that you will probably have to adjust your schedule to allow time for simply enjoying the space.
  • You will want to take the crew home with you, or at least to your next cruise ship, they are just that pleasant.

But better than more stabs at describing the onboard ambiance, our Flickr Photo Collections continue to load  and can now offer a good overview of the ship, life onboard and the places we have visited along the way.

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