The Magdalen Islands With Crystal Cruises

Winding down our 10-night sailing of Crystal Serenity, we stopped in Canada‘s Magdalen Islands at Iles de la Madeleine, a tiny port with a rich history.  It was a short call at the place named after the seigneur (think ‘landlord’) of the archipelago in 1663. On a blustery fall day, we tendered on to the island and walked over to shipyard where fishing and recreational ships of various sized had been pulled out of the ocean for the season.

Starting out on this fall foliage-themed sailing with Crystal Cruises, we were looking for any signs of color possible, zooming in on small patches of golden or crimson leaves that we saw along the way.  Very quickly though, that theme was overcome with a focus on history that is undeniable in this part of the world.  From seeing the places where thousands of immigrants came to North America in centuries past to visiting the urban areas of major cities along the way, history would have been a huge part of the experience, fall colors or not.

All along the way, especially during our stops in Canadian ports, I could not help but think of our friend Phil Reimer the cruise authority for Postmedia and who writes a weekly column in all major daily Postmedia papers and blogs at Ports And Bows.   At this particular stop on our Crystal Cruises itinerary we were in port and there were plenty of bows.  No trees or vegetation to speak of that might change colors but plenty of ships.

Initially wondering “So why did we stop here?”, we walked from the tender port to the shipyard and captured these images captured during our stop in the Magdalen Islands to share with you.


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