Luxuriously Appointed Ship Visits Surprisingly Friendly Canada Port

It looked to be another day of chilly exploration as Crystal Serenity made her way into Harve Saint Pierre, a tiny Canadian port known mainly for being the world’s largest source of Ilmenite, the primary ore of Titanium.  Located on the north shore of the St Lawrence river, Harve Saint Pierre at first glance is another fishing village with tiny boats in port, a few shops around here and there and that’s about it.  Still, on our fall foliage-oriented Autumn‘s Palette sailing with Crystal Cruises, it was quite obvious why the place was a scheduled stop: The Canadian Woods.

7 - Havre- Saint Pierre - 026

Had we visited a week or so later, fall colors would have been apparent.  Today, just a hint of color had made it to the scene so leaf peeping was not going to be on today’s activity list.  Still, we were on luxuriously appointed Crystal Serenity where one does not even have to leave their stateroom to have a nice day.  Nonetheless, we went ashore, captured a few more images of a few more tiny boats and got our first chance to see our ship with an unobstructed view.

7 - Havre- Saint Pierre - 010

Beginning in Boston then on through the itinerary, we had docked in close quarters, with much of Crystal Serenity hidden behind security fences, other ships or just in places were it was impossible to get all of the 820-foot ship in the viewfinder of a camera.  Today was different and afforded full views with the Canadian wilderness as a backdrop.

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 6.13.20 AM

Photo- Whitney Owen

But the best moment of the day came late in the afternoon, when Crystal Serenity was preparing to cast off for our next port of call.  Gathering at the pier must have been everyone in the entire town, in cars, on bikes, on foot; there to send us off in style.  It was a scene we have seen many times before when sailing out of Florida ports on a variety of cruise lines.  Still, this sendoff was totally unexpected which made it all the better.

Earlier in the day, I had the chance to walk around Crystal Serenity, admiring some of the artwork placed here and there on the ship.  It’s a nice collection really, take a look:


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