The Icing On The Destination Cake

We have talked a lot about the destination focus of Azamara Club Cruises as we sailed a 12-night Russia and The Baltics Summer sailing, and rightfully so. We’re visiting may of the destinations on our itinerary for the first time which gives us fresh eyes to see places others talk about frequently. Today we’re recalling two entirely different elements of the Azamara Club Cruises onboard experience. Separate but unique, both offer a glimpse into the icing on the destination cake.

Sunsets - 0805

Certified expert at destination immersion, Azamara Club Cruises has taken us closer to the marvelous places we have visited than other cruise lines might have. We stayed in port and watched as other ships sailed off into the sunset before us. Overnighting in three different places, we enjoyed spectacular night touring not possible on most other cruise travel options. Still, in place on Azamara Quest is a first class hotel operation that makes traveling from place to place a pleasure, as it should be.

Bridge Tour - 23

An appropriate place to visit on any cruise ship is the navigational bridge during an organized visit, usually offered to passengers interested in such things. Commonly we see cruise buffs, those who have their own vessels back home and just other passengers, curious about how things are run.

Bridge Tour - 32

On a bridge tour of Azamara Quest on a day at sea, our small group of passengers were shown all the tools at the disposal of the ship’s officers to enable safely navigating the oceans of the world. From high tech electronic gear to a guy who’s sole job is to look at the sea with his human eyes, no stones are left unturned insuring our safety as we sail. No big surprise there; we expect that.

Bridge Tour - 22

Not expected, a Captain with frank, to the point comments and answers to questions with none barred. Passengers asked everything from his favorite port to most difficult to navigate, what it is like to sail in the Black Sea and more on the interesting visit.

White Night Album - 37

Another interesting event, exclusive to Azamara Club Cruises is White Night, arguably one of the best parties at sea, where passengers dress in all white for a fun filled evening of food, drink, music and dancing.

White Night Album - 50

This gallery gives a good idea of what White Night was all about. While ‘white’ is not actually required, many (including myself) bring a special white night outfit and really get into the swing of it all. See for yourself…