Sunsets At Sea [PHOTOS]

Sailing a number of cruise lines and ships around the world, each had their strong points, each was unique and brought lifetime-quality memories.  Still, some cruise lines generally do a better job than others in one area or another.  One ship might have the perfect crew who makes our time quite special when sailing with them.  Another nails culinary efforts each and every time, without fail.  Still, there are some parts of cruise travel that have no allegiance to any particular cruise line or ship.  Sunsets at sea is one of those universal qualities and perhaps my favorite of cruise travel.

Sunsets - 0254

In this Exposure photo storybook, a sampling of Sunsets At Sea collected over the last year.  I hope you enjoy them as well as the poetry curated for this album.

Click here to come along as we review the end of some magnificent days at sea.