Seabourn: Chatting With The Chefs

Part of the Seabourn Food and Wine Cruise experience gives Seabourn Guests the opportunity to engage culinary professionals along on the Taste of Asia sailing with us. It’s not something they advertise or even talk about much but one of the highlights those guests will remember far after sailing is chatting with the chefs.

Chef Gypsy Gifford - 51


Chef Gypsy Gifford from the Culinary Institute of America has a pedigree as long as your arm, bringing abundant knowledge of Southeast Asia cooking to the stage of Seabourn Sojourn for a morning cooking demonstration. Obviously no stranger to performing cooking demonstrations before crowds, Gifford began engaging Seabourn Guests before the demonstration started.


Chef Gypsy Gifford - 26


A hit from the beginning with an Ellen DeGeneres sort of cute appeal (or so the crowd whispered among ourselves) Chef Gifford’s presentation came with two recipes. One we would see her make today, the other would be served on the evening dinner menu in Seabourn Sojourn’s main dining room.
Chef Gypsy Gifford - 80


But it’s really not so much the instruction received and tips to take home (I saw a pro use the mortar and pestil I just bought for home) but the personal interaction we see at the end of these events.   ‘Food’ has moved far beyond what we need to consume to live with chefs and those who work with them taking center stage in the world of today. There is no lack of cooking shows to watch on television. The knowledge can be gained other ways than going on a food and wine cruise. But the TV does not react to us individually, a core element of the Seabourn Food And Wine Cruise.


Champagne Afternoons - 22


But we find that engagement every step of the way here, from sommelier Sebastian Pacheco’s passionate talks, demonstrations and seminars on most things liquid to being with the chefs as they shop. All along the way, we chat about food, wine and related topics, as you can see in this gallery:


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