Sailing Azamara: Beyond Azamazing

It’s interesting how starting out on the right foot makes such a big difference on any travel experience. Have a bad flight in one way or another and it can be hard to shake that negative beginning, even though it is totally unrelated to what cruise lines do.  Mismatch a traveler with the wrong cruise line and doom sits on the horizon, waiting to swoop down and ruin what could be the perfect travel experience for the right person.  Knowing how very important matching the right traveler with the right cruise line can be, it is with great happiness that I am able to proclaim Azamara Club Cruises everything I hoped it would be, at a very early point in the experience.  At the end of day two on a 12-day voyage, I have high praises for a couple of very good reasons that every cruise traveler should find important.

Friendly Respect and Undeniable Value.

Perhaps these are not the two virtues those who command what happens on Azamara Club Cruises might hope to be said of them, at least not in those words.  But in the vernacular of which we travelers are accustomed to understanding, the friendly respect I have been shown on this cruise and the undeniable value offered by Azamara are two solid differentiating factors worthy of serious consideration.

Adding further support to those factors: this is the general consensus of opinion of other travelers I have talked to on board right now.  Some have sailed before with Azamara while others took a bit of a gamble, hoping what they had heard from friends was actually what they would experience. All do not hesitate to extol the virtues of a crew that insures the success of some very well thought out plans for guests.

The exciting part: It normally takes an entire voyage to feel comfortable enough with the people part to call it a win.


Words From The Wise

At the end of my first sailing with Azamara, Captain Johannes Tysse and I were having a conversation. I commented on how unique the itineraries were and was impressed that Azamara rarely repeated them.  Indeed, that particular itinerary served as my personal gold standard for destination immersion, a focus that just about every cruise line is promoting just a few years later.

“They come for the itineraries, they come back for the crew” said Captain Tysse at the time.  Facebook friends since then, Johannes has kept in contact, documentable proof of the importance the entire Azamara organization places on making direct connections with those they serve, both on and off the ship.

Beginning Where Others End – Beyond Azamazing

All of the above could be viewed as a whole lot of flowery words from someone who typically puts the people factor above all else anyway.  Not to take anything away from the stellar job the crew appears to be doing or how nicely the itineraries are planned but this experience is about to take a giant leap forward.  All of the above is usually the stuff of last posts from a wonderful cruise experience,  looking back on it.   After two days we have already reached that point.

Imagine the very best cruise vacation you have ever been on.  Imagine that experience as a baseline and dream that all future sailings will be that good or better.  You are now entering the current world  of Azamara Club Cruises.

For now, I will leave you with one single photo that says it all. One stellar crew member that is typical of what we are experiencing here. Louis works the deck on Azamara Journey starting early in the morning until late in the day, setting up deck chairs and taking good care of passengers on board. This is one person who absolutely defines the Azamara brand in a very positive way.


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