Our Viking Sea Journey- The Whole Story

Whitney Istanbul

Whitney and I sailed new Viking Sea on the first revenue cruise while the paint was still wet.  Doing their exciting Empires of the Mediterranean itinerary, we sailed from Istanbul to Venice for ten days.  Now back and reflecting on the experience, our complete Viking Sea Journey as it was told while sailing:

Our Viking Sea Journey: The Itinerary

DAY 2 Troy (Çanakkale), Turkey
DAY 3 Ephesus (Kuşadası), Turkey
DAY 4 Athens (Piraeus), Greece
DAY 5 Santorini (Thíra), Greece
DAY 6 At Sea
DAY 8 Dubrovnik, Croatia
Our Viking Sea Journey

Our Viking Sea Journey, day by day:

  1. Security Concerns Vs Travel Thwarting Fear– our time in Istanbul was limited, here is what we did and saw.
  2. Viking Sea Comfortable Cruising– Trying to put the Viking Ocean Cruise experience into words, this is about as succint as I could get
  3. Desktop-Worthy Photos Of Beautiful New Cruise Ships– While Viking Sea casts a lovely profile, also on our tail was Holland America Line’s new ms Koningsdam
  4. Viking Sea: The Other Guys Should Have Seen This Coming– Viking Chairman Torstein Hagen promised something different to the world of cruise vacations, this posts explains exactly what that is.
  5. A Ride On The Rocket: Fueled By Viking Ocean CruisesCruise lines continue to grow as does traveler interest in cruise vacations.  Viking Ocean Cruises is growing at an exponential rate the likes of which we have never seen before.  Here is why.
  6. Viking Cruises Cultural Exploration A Consistent Theme– Just two out of a proposed ten ships in the pipeline , Viking continues to add more value to an already good deal.  Here are some of those new experiences travelers will enjoy.
  7. Viking Cruises Global View Via Tiny Details– Little things add up to big pleasure on any cruise line.  Right now, on Viking Ocean Cruises there are more of those little things going on and it looks like more are on the way.
  8. Viking Upgrades Logo Shop, Feeds Fan Frenzy– Once just a space for some logo stuff, Viking Sea debuts a shop full of Viking history side by side with relevant items for purchase that also reflect their mantra to Explore The World In Comfort.
  9. Viking Evolves Onboard Experience With Arrival Of Viking Sea–  A list of new onboard features that are not advertised but a very big part of what we enjoyed while sailing Viking Sea.
  10. Viking Sea Photos: A Different Perspective– Whitney’s collection of photos: first impressions from an experienced cruise traveler who has not sailed with Viking before.

Our Viking Sea Journey



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All photos: Whitney Owen