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There is something to be said for passive travel; living an adventure through the eyes of others.  If for no other reason, that travel dream of yours has just not come true yet, even though it eventually will.  If you want it bad enough.  I say this having dreamed of flying in outer space some day in my lifetime as a kid, something that may very well be possible shortly.  Still, the cost in my lifetime will probably be prohibitive and (reality check) while I will watch closely when someone else orbits the planet, odds are it won’t be me.  On the other hand, I never dreamed that I would venture out of the state of Kansas as a kid too and have traveled many places around the world …with many more to go.  While the world has changed quite a bit in the last half century, one part of it seems to endure when it comes to everything from clothing to dining and even travel: quality matters.

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When exploring our world, aligning with top shelf travel brands brings a far better chance of enjoying a quality travel experience.  Be it a cruise vacation, travel products or a land exploration, top shelf travel brands work on defining, insuring and sustaining what they do every day.  Such is the case with luxury land tour operator Abercrombie & Kent, an organization that values quality above all else and, in turn, delivers lifetime-quality travel experiences to their clients.

This new video highlights A&K’s 50 year history of planning and delivering insightful travel experiences, partnering with the art expertise of Christie’s to offer the very best of both worlds.

Says Abercrombie & Kent of the experience:

“Created around specific events in the global art and antiques calendar – we’ve taken guests to JAR exhibition in New York, Frieze in London and the India Art Fair in Delhi – we show intimate groups of art lovers the very best of a destination’s artistic culture.”

Take a look at this short video… and look beyond it to the company behind it.  That’s the real gold here that makes engaging top shelf travel brands a smart planning strategy.

Hotel Torbrau - 123

Abercrombie & Kent Connections
We experienced Abercrombie & Kent’s version of a river cruise, exploring Abercrombie Connections last year and enjoyed the quality travel brand and all it stood for.

Taking their broad experience on land, combining it with their luxury-level planning skills, Abercrombie & Kent Connections river/land tours produce a viable alternative and stand-alone good travel experience.  We sampled the Connections focus of A&K with a package that included overnight hotel stays in Munich on the front end and Amsterdam on the back end with 8 days of river cruising in-between.  On board and with us all the way, supplementing the standard river cruise experience, our A&K guide insured that those ‘connections’ were possible each and every day.

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