New Cruise Apps Are Here Now And Free To Use Onboard

As Internet connections on ships at sea become more efficient, cruise travelers have more options for how to communicate both within the ship and with the outside world.  Becoming commonplace, shipwide Wi-Fi connections are strong and support speedy connection to the ship’s daily newsletter, that particular cruise line’s website and more at no charge.  Challenges still exist for satellite communications that access the rest of the world; but they are working on that.  For now, look to this unique application from Costa Cruises to be a trendsetting part of the cruise experience, sure to be adopted by other lines soon.

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 7.58.26 AMCosta Cruises just launched “MyCosta Mobile,” a new application for smartphones and tablets that enables Costa guests to call and phone each other while cruising onboard its 14 ships with unlimited talk and text at no cost.

Free to download and register, before sailing, guests download the application from the Apple, Android or Google Play store and install it on their smartphone or tablet. Once onboard, simply connect to the ship’s Wi-Fi network, register and launch the app.

By accessing the application via the ship’s own Wi-Fi system, guests can socialize with other guests on their ship by phone or text through the closed network at no charge.  Other free functions include the ability to contact a stateroom or one of the ship’s restaurants, spa desk, shore excursion office and more.

Use the app to access the Web or contact someone not on the ship, then the customary roaming and shipboard Internet-access charges apply.

MyCosta Mobile is available for the iOS 5.0 operating system and newer versions of iPhones and iPads, as well as for smartphones and tablets that run on Android 2.3 and later mobile-operating systems. The application comes in six languages: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.