Hearty Viking Travelers Ready To Take On Rio Olympics, Make Schnitzel

Fans of the Rio Olympic Games will enjoy television programming domination over the next couple of weeks.  The hefty schedule of events includes everything from synchronized swimming to cycling, boxing, fencing and more.  The modern day Olympics will be watched by millions all over the planet, far more than were on hand for the ancient version that dates back to the 8th century BC. The history of these games alone is an interesting story and one we explored not long ago with Viking Ocean Cruises aboard new Viking Sea.  Visiting ancient Roman temples, cities and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Viking travelers got a good feel for what life was like back then, capturing some images along the way.   Ancient Greeks couldn’t do that.   Also not available to the ancient Greeks: fabulous video like the new Exploring More video collection from Viking Cruises.


Viking Travelers

Photo: Viking Cruises


Karine Hagen is your host in the award winning short-film series we have referred to often in this space.  Running accuracy checks that compare the actual experience of sailing with Viking to that of video depictions, zero disparity was found.  That makes the Viking Video Collection a solid addition to any travel planning toolbox.


Hagen is an executive of Viking Cruises, responsible for designing onboard and onshore experiences for Viking’s guests around the world, the choreography we value so highly here.  Get it right and amazing cruise travel experiences happen.  Fall short and you’re simply on a boat that takes you places.


Viking travelers

Graphic: Viking Cruises


Viking’s Exploring More standalone website is organized into sections that allow visitors to visit Europe, Russia and Asia, all places Vikings explore by river and ocean.  Better yet, the award winning series goes beyond the typical (boring) nomadish guidebook format, engaging local people along the way.



With Karine as our guide, we learn how to make Wiener Schnitzel at its Vienna birthplace. We’ll find that same recipe on the Viking Longships that sail the river Danube, served with local wines reflective of renowned wine regions we have passed along the way. Before we sit down to dinner each night with like minded travelers, we will have accumulated more indirect and useful knowledge about the destinations than we might have been prepared for or anticipated.

Stop by Viking’s Exploring More website today and bookmark it; you’ll want to return often and make that valuable resource an integral part of your cruise travel planning.


Viking travelers


NEW: This post kicks off a new feature here as we highlight the latest video from a number of cruise lines, as they are released.   Readers can also see this growing collection on our YouTube Channel