Creative Viking Itineraries Continue Reinventing Cruise Travel

Sailing a number of Viking Ocean Cruise itineraries, we experienced the result of a systemwide focus on destinations.  Compared to other ocean travel companies, the difference is substantial. Every step of the way, from looking to booking, planning and being there destinations are considered.  Reflection after travel with Viking verifies: a high value is placed on the overall guest destination experience.  In and of itself, the magnitude of that destination focus is more meaningful experienced first hand.  Still, we’re charged with giving you a feel for what it is like to sail with a variety of cruise lines.  Some new and creative Viking itineraries provide an opportunity to do just that.

Creative Viking Itineraries

It’s like trying to describe how big a cruise ship is to someone who has never seen one before.  Regardless of the line or vessel, cruise ships are really big.  Also challenging to illustrate, the thought that goes into planning itineraries.  Sail the generic Caribbean itinerary considered ‘cruising’ by North American travelers and, admittedly, there is not a lot of creativity at work.   Still, we saw Viking Ocean Cruises reinvent Caribbean cruising, experiencing places we have been to a dozen times in an entirely different way.

Creative Viking Itineraries

We saw that Viking effect in the Mediterranean as well as on a Transatlantic sailing, both also experienced with a number of other cruise lines over the years.  Viking was different. Now, all of the sudden, we’re paying far closer attention to itineraries than ever before.  Interestingly, Viking makes paying attention easy with a rich library of video that accurately describes the experience.  Such is the case with a flurry of video released this week.  Let’s take a look then come back with some thoughts about why these particular video’s are important.

Creative Viking Itineraries: Passage To India

This 21-day cruise from Athens to Mumbai explores the trade routes of the earliest merchants across six countries from Greece to India, with discoveries of ancient treasures and fascinating legends along the way.

Creative Viking Itineraries:  North Pacific Passage

This 23-day cruise from Tokyo to Vancouver (or the reverse) offers the opportunity to experience three divergent cultures with visits to Japan, Russia, the United States and Canada, and overnights in Yokohama, Sapporo and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.


Creative Viking Itineraries:  Komodo & the Australian Coast

This 17-day cruise from Bali to Sydney (or the reverse) sails through the tropical Indonesian archipelago and along the legendary coast of Australia, revealing the beauty and wonder of their cultural and natural splendors.

Creative Viking Itineraries:  Far Eastern Horizons


Creative Viking Itineraries: Bangkok, Bali And Beyond

This 13-day cruise from Bangkok to Bali (or the reverse) reveals the juxtapositions of Southeast Asia, delving into the bustling cultural capitals of Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia while providing insight into their long-held traditions.


Creative Viking Itineraries:  Across The Bay Of Bengal

This 16-day journey from Mumbai to Bangkok introduces the rich history and culture of five fascinating countries—India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand—including overnight stays in Mumbai, Colombo and Bangkok.

In the past, we have compared the Viking video depiction to our actual experience when traveling, both on rivers and oceans of the world.  Every single time the actual experience exceeded the expectation set by the video.  Undeniable: Viking delivers more than we bargained for.

If one or all of above video series resonates as a wonderful travel experience, believe me: it will be.

Creative Viking Itineraries

This is not like the photo of an all inclusive resort with two star-crossed lovers in the pool. In reality, there are wall to wall people in that pool and the noise level is deafening.  This is not like the photo of a culinary creation that does not even closely resemble what we experienced.  Forget those and similar experiences you may have had in the past with other travel organizations.  Think bigger than that.


Creative Viking Itineraries

Also difficult to explain to someone who has never been on a cruise: the effect of being surrounded by nothing but water in all directions, as far as the eye can see.  Viking has elevated what they do to that level.  New Viking ocean itineraries just get better all the time, as the (former) new cruise line in the water continues to reinvent the world of cruise travel.

See more of the Viking Experience and what those creative Viking itineraries can bring in this new gallery: