Another Reason To Like The Carnival Corporation Family Of Brands

We’ve been big supporters of the Carnival Corporation family of brands since before there was much of a family.  Beginning our family cruise history with Carnival Cruise Line, we’ve tried them all and liked what we experienced.  Offering a wide variety of cruising options, there is probably a Carnival Corporation brand that is a good fit for just about any traveler.  Over the years, each brand has maintained its own identity, evolved to  be a relevant option in today’s marketplace and continues to grow.  That’s a significant reason to choose a Carnival Corporation brand but not quite enough to knock our socks off.  A recent development in the rollout of Carnival Corp’s new Fathom Impact Travel serves as good reason to do business with all the Carnival Corporation brands.


Carnival Corporation Family Of Brands


Reason To Like The Carnival Corporation Family Of Brands

Shortly after receiving official approval from Cuba to be the first cruise line scheduled to call there, Fathom sailed into rough waters.  A Cold War-era Cuban law does not permit Cuban-born individuals to enter the country by ships, only by plane.   Complying with that law, Carnival Corporation’s Fathom brand did not allow Cuban-born Americans to book with them.  That compliance drew heavy fire from Cuban-Americans claiming the new cruise line was discriminating against them.  The U.S. government agreed.

“The United States government will never support, never condone discrimination. And the Cuban government should not have the right to enforce on us a policy of discrimination against people who have the right to travel,” U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry told CNN en Español.  Also in agreement: Carnival Corporation.

“We have an obligation to all our employees, and to the communities in which they work and live, to be the best corporate citizen we can be,” said Carnival Corporation president and CEO Arnold Donald in a letter to the company’s 120,000 employees. “We believe this approach best supports that objective.”

carnival corporationThis is one more reason to like the Carnival Corporation family of cruise brands as that declaration means initial Fathom sailings to Cuba may be delayed.  The potential delay comes on the heels of a delayed beginning of Fathom’s inaugural sailing to the Dominican Republic.  At a time when keeping things on schedule might have been the easier choice, Carnival Corporation chose to do make the appropriate move.  Good for them.