50 Viking River Moments: All In A Day’s Work

Sailing with Cruises brings first contact with the fleet of Longships.  Efficiently engineering and designing Longships for optimal performance, River Cruises has opened a new door to river cruising.  On Longships around the world, cruise travelers wanting to try something different and not offered by big ship cruise lines are making dreams come true.  They are finding the Longships to be the right tool for the job.  Still, you don’t have to look far for accurate descriptions of the accommodations, ship features, onboard program, shore tours and more.  That’s not what this is about.  This is me looking back on a number of River Cruises.  The experiences along the way, presented by expertly schooled crew as though they too were seeing it for the first time.  The marvelous landscapes, iconic monuments, places made famous in film and in literature and their stories told by well-trained  and qualified guides.

I’ll probably add more to this as time goes on so check back often.  I think all of these slides as a whole are a great representation of our river cruising experience:

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