50 Viking River Moments: All In A Day’s Work

Sailing with Viking River Cruises brings first contact with the fleet of Viking Longships.  Efficiently engineering and designing Viking Longships for optimal performance, Viking River Cruises has opened a new door to river cruising.  On Viking Longships around the world, cruise travelers wanting to try something different and not offered by big ship cruise lines are making dreams come true.  They are finding the Viking Longships to be the right tool for the job.  Still, you don’t have to look far for accurate descriptions of the accommodations, ship features, onboard program, shore tours and more.  That’s not what this is about.  This is me looking back on a number of Viking River Cruises.  The experiences along the way, presented by expertly schooled Viking crew as though they too were seeing it for the first time.  The marvelous landscapes, iconic monuments, places made famous in film and in literature and their stories told by well-trained  and qualified guides.

I’ll probably add more to this as time goes on so check back often.  I think all of these slides as a whole are a great representation of our river cruising experience:


Viking Beyla

Viking Beyla is one of two modified Viking Longships used on Germany's Elbe River


Scenic Cruising

A big part of any river cruise experience is scenic cruising; like a day at sea but on a river.


Each Viking Longship Is Different

If in no other way than the unique commissioned art that dominates the ship's atrium space, each ship is different.


Amazing Places

Viking Longships get to about the same places land tours visit, just more efficiently. The icing on this cake comes from the included tours at each stop along the way.


Little Delights Here And There

This is by no means a feed fest of river food fun. Still, with breakfast, lunch and dinner plus a half dozen other opportunities to feed at leisure, this is no walk in the park for those watching such matters.


The Lounge

Get a good look at this place, you'll be there quite frequently as your Viking Longship makes its way along the river.


Engage, Your Way

We really like that the included tours are flexible and allow for wandering off on our own.


Onboard Events

Not mentioned in the bountiful supply of colorful dream books I get from Viking, events like the officers parade.


Unless I Owned A Jet

Odds are it would be difficult to make great local connections like we did on Viking Longships without an expensive counter plan.


Wide Open Culinary Operation

They can do this with less than 200 guests on board and a galley staffed by abour enough guys to make a baseball team.


In Your Face Destination

Fine, you want local destination immersion? We'll park our cruise ship in front of a fabulous restaurant for you to enjoy as well. #NotThreatened


Crew You Want To Know

Every time I sail with Viking this is one of the first photos I take. I know I will need it later to remember who I sailed with and when.


Local Guides Who Are Not Flawless

Our local guides are happy to have a discussion about history, not just recite it.


The Wine Country You Dream About

In Southern France, this vineyard had a magical feel to it as we got out of the motorcoach and walked the rows of grapes.


They Still Have Enchanting Windmills

Any Dairy Product In The Netherlands: Good Choice


Viking Longships Often Park Right In The Middle Of Town


Tours Are Customizable Sometimes

That brought us to a lovely little tasting bar of local vintages in Bordeaux


Feel The Fame

It's one thing to sit at home, hear/see a reference to Chateau Mouton Rothschild recognize the name, quite another to walk the place.


Wide Open Spaces


Embrace The History While At The Source


Viking Motorcoaches Take Us To Places The Ship Can't Go


All Along The River, Viking Longships stop traffic


Viking Longships cause locals to stop what they are doing to look.


Home Sweet Home

An efficiently laid out stateroom configuration makes for a place you'll wish you had more time to enjoy


Even The Cheap Seats Are Amazing

River view is as low as they go and not a shabby landscape to see passing by at all.


The River Runs Gold In Porto

Portugal offers a unique Viking River Cruise experience not available elsewhere...like this view from the river


Lunch? Sure That's The Aquavit Terrrace

The Aquavit Terrace on Viking Longships is an expertly designed transitional space that serves a number of functions throughout the day.


Taking Care Of Business


On the streets of Vienna


Sacher ashore and on our Viking Longship


Holidays are special onboard Viking Longships


Also a precision marine operation




Bar Samples From the Bar Chef


Nice to see on a hot day exploring


Getting ready in advance of your river cruise


Hot Chocolate pops up at the most wonderful times on a Christmas Markets Cruise


Making friends and sharing memories


Our Viking Longhips always seem to fit right in with the scenery


How fun it was to see Mr Simon in the Simon Bakery in Passau


Joey, a favorite Program Director


Shopping with the chef ashore


Great Cookies

That's really all you need to know!