Windstar Embarkation Highlights Unique Small Ship Advantage

Sailing with Windstar Cruises on a 7-day Panama Canal and Costa Rica itinerary brings a number of features.  We start with Windstar embarkation, a quick and efficient process.
Windstar Embarkation
Sailing full with just 212-passengers, Cruises’ Star Pride represents a ship sailing experience that is inappropriate to compare to that of larger vessels.   is quick.  Passengers barely stop walking between arriving at the port and being in staterooms. That’s a huge win on a big ship where an army of staff handle the process with military precision.  Still, throw a minute delay into that meticulous process and it all comes a crumblin’ down. 
Windstar Embarkation
Travel time from our hotel in Panama City to the Port of Colon was said to be right at an hour.  Windstar embarkation begins at 1:00pm.  Starting that process at 12:45, I did the mental math “so we get there at 1:45.  Staterooms may or may not be ready; who knows?  Projected optimal outcome: I’m in my cabin by 2:30, go grab lunch, tour ship”
Windstar Embarkation
Actual experience: approximate one hour transfer time included the Windstar embarkation process.  68 minutes after we left Panama City, I was in my stateroom on Star Pride. It’s one of the advantages of small ship sailing in general.  On this particular sailing?  Windstar embarkation procedures nailed it.

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