Welcome Back, Now Define Your Fun

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If there’s one thing you can count on with Carnival Cruise Lines, it’s ‘Fun’. A critical, required element in all they do on board, the Fun started upon embarkation and continued long into the night on Carnival Breeze as we sailed away from Miami. On board primarily to focus on Carnival LIVE, the popular concert series that would bring us a live performance of legendary rock band Styx later in the voyage, today was all about leaving the real world behind and sailing off into the sunset.

Miami  + Carnival Breeze - 122 We talk a lot in this space about the choreography that goes into and enables a great cruise vacation. Each cruise line does it a bit differently, but all realize the importance of setting up what they do for success. Sailing away from beautiful Miami, Florida, it’s hard not to get in the mood for a cruise vacation.

Miami  + Carnival Breeze - 190

Being on a Carnival ship makes it all the better as crew members hustle throughout the afternoon, in good spirits, with spirits for the passengers on board, each there to have a good time.

Miami  + Carnival Breeze - 118It has been a while since we were on board Carnival Breeze, the latest new build from Carnival Cruise Lines, and the ship still looks shiny and new. Towering above the top deck, thousands of Fun-loving passengers would pass through the ship’s waterslides over the next 6 days and take advantage of a number of other features of the ship.

Miami  + Carnival Breeze - 178

Drinking in not just buckets of beer and umbrella drinks, passengers gathered on deck as we sailed away from Miami, many knowing they were in for a Fun time, others just figuring out how to get from one place to another on the massive ship. Groups of assorted sizes, families, couples and solo travelers all seemed well-represented on a ship that truly does have something for everyone, a topic we will be highlighting throughout the week.

Miami  + Carnival Breeze - 114

Today, custom burgers by TV’s Guy Fieri had a quick moving line in place until late afternoon. Main deck venues the Blue Iguana Cantina and Red Frog Rum Bar were packed as sailaway continued. Deck games began. Kids checked in with Dr Seuss. Parents did an orientation tour with the kids then let go and began a wonderful, relaxing vacation.

Miami  + Carnival Breeze - 136Leaving Miami takes some time, a couple hours from the time the big ship finally starts moving until we lose start roaming on our smartphones. On any other cruise line, it would be a great way to ease into relaxation, adventure or whatever each individual wants to get out of a cruise. On Carnival Cruise Lines there is really no choice there: It’s all about the Fun.

Miami  + Carnival Breeze - 044

Add that we have a sold-out concert on board in the ship’s showroom during a long stay in Cozumel, an itinerary that visits favorite ports in the Caribbean plus what looks to be a fun-loving mix of passengers and it’s hard to go wrong here.

Miami  + Carnival Breeze - 193

For those who have sailed with Carnival Cruise Lines before the appreciative “Welcome Back” felt good.
For first timers, it’s a bit overwhelming and I caught a few of them bumping into walls, not sure where different places were on the ship. My best advice to each and every one of them: “Get involved; go to the shows, do some excursions, be on deck for events but most importantly: define your own brand of Fun”. No where in the world is it possible for that Fun task to be done more efficiently.  Stay tuned for more.

Focus On Features-
Part of our coverage and revisit to Carnival Breeze will sample onboard features of the ship each day, while we are on board, taken from reader questions submitted over the last few weeks.  Today we preview a variety of entertainment options which include a new Thrill 5D Theater.

Carnival Breeze’s Thrill 5D Theater is a multi-dimensional experience that makes guests feel like they are actually in the movie. The theater combines a high-definition 3D projection system with 4D elements such as squirting water and bubbles, and original special effects that will tickle guests’ legs, blow air on their necks and poke them in their seats.

Seats within the theater will shift back and forth, move from side to side and also vibrate, creating an exciting “fifth-dimensional” element.  Guests will receive special 3D glasses that deliver a truly immersive movie-going experience, as we see in this video:



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