Viking Star To Keep Other Lines Alert

Sitting here in Bergen, Norway as we await the christening of Viking Cruises new Viking Star, I have had some time to think about the new ship and what it means to the world of cruise vacations. I will let someone else stack up the features of Viking Star against others as I truly believe this is a totally unique offering. Viking Star represents a new option that should keep other cruise lines on their toes, for a number of reasons. Some of those are easily documentable, others not so much. Let’s break that down.

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This Is Good For All Cruise Travelers
If for no other reason than the fact that Viking Star enters the marketplace as a unique option like no other out there right now, this is good for all of us. Viking Star’s entry gives one more ship to choose from, but so does any other new ship. Significant here is that it is nearly impossible to compare the Viking Star experience to any other line, because no other line offers something similar. This is not a luxury line, although there are accommodations on the ship that are quite nice. This is not a mass-market line, so comparing to larger ships would be inappropriate.

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Some Will Love This, Others Won’t Care
The Viking ocean experience is indeed modeled after their highly popular river cruise product, with much of what are options on other lines included in the cruise fare. Frankly, no one really knows how well Viking ocean cruises will do. Rumbles of concern can be found as other cruise lines try to figure out if fans of their line will jump over to Viking for their ocean cruise needs. Some will just because this is new. Some won’t for the same reason, waiting a while to let inaugural hiccups dissipate. Those who want to sail in the eternally popular Caribbean won’t; Viking does not sail there. We can go on about who will and won’t sail Viking Star for other logical reasons but one thing is for sure: Other lines will be working on doing their best job ever, presenting what they do in the most favorable way and shoring up their onboard experience. Thank Viking Star for that regardless of who one sails with.

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Another Springboard To International Travel
Just as Viking River Cruises has made making the jump to international travel an easy move, so will Viking ocean cruises beginning with Viking Star.   Providing a seamless travel package that can include round-trip airfare, meet and greet at the airport and transfer to the ship, travel insurance, a far more inclusive cruise fare and then transfer back to the airport for the return trip, this is an easy travel option. Once onboard, the thinking people who were lured in to the Viking product use that brain power to fully engage fellow travelers and the destinations they visit along the way. Those sailing a Viking ocean cruise will spend less time and effort getting there and more time being there.   If that last line sounds a bit familiar, it should. This is a common tag used in Viking River Cruise commercials that absolutely applies to the Viking ocean effort.

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Christening Day Is Today
As we prepare to christen new Viking Star today, it’s helpful to reflect on where this company came from and how nicely they defined river cruising. It’s one of our most favorite travel experiences and has brought Europe to life for us. As the first in a fleet of unique ocean-going ships, all eyes are on Viking Star. Travelers who have sailed the Mediterranean and the Baltics, the initial playground of Viking Star, will find this to be a good option. Something new. Something different. Something unique.

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A Win For Cruise Travelers
At the same time, cruise lines sailing these parts of the world are taking a good hard look at what they do. They now have a new competitor. Look for adjustments to be made in the operation of other ships that sail the region. These will be good adjustments that offer a better value for cruise travelers. We predict that those cruise lines left standing will be doing a better job of what they do and that’s good for all of us.


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