Viking Sea Photos: A Different Perspective

When I was a kid, my father took me on a month-long road trip around the United States.  The pre-teen journey was timed and planned to include life lessons taught indirectly through places we visited and things we did there.  When my children reached about that same age, we went on cruises, just dad and daughter, and emulated that same experience, albeit at sea rather than on land.  Last year it was older daughter Sydney and I on a sailing with Azamara Club Cruises to Russia and the Baltics.  This year I’m with Whitney on a marvelous journey from Istanbul to Venice with Viking Cruises aboard new Viking Sea.  Different daughters, cruise lines, ships and itineraries, all share one thing in common; they enabled an experience I will never forget.


Viking Sea Photos


That I am impressed with the experience should come as no surprise to regular readers. There are very few cruise travel experiences I did not like.  Still, those who have been following along on this voyage know that Viking earned a high rating through working a detailed plan, smartly .  See any of the below links to stories, photo galleries, tweets, posts and more that add up to one great big win of a trip.  But that’s all me.  Not to forget that Whitney was long for the ride, snapping away Viking Sea photos through the eye of an actual professional in that area, the words I write today are brief.  I think a sampling of Whitney’s photos tells the story;


[URIS id=59126]


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Viking Sea Photos


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