Ventures By Seabourn Evaluated, Renewed

We talk a lot here about the evolution of cruise travel, where cruise lines are right now and their plans for the future.  Surely, each cruise line is different and aims to please their current fans while attracting new ones.  Those new fans might be lured away from another cruise line for one reason or another.  Maybe those cruise travelers were looking for something their formerly favorite line does not offer.  Perhaps the evolution of that particular cruise line went in a direction that did not resonate with long time past guests.  A tremendous amount of cruise line resources are placed on what is happening right now and apt to happen in the future.  In an interesting twist to that focus, Seabourn took a look back to evaluate a new program and liked what it saw.


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Not long ago, Seabourn completed their first season of the new Ventures by Seabourn program in the Amazon on two voyages aboard Seabourn Quest. Guests enjoyed exclusive opportunities to experience the natural wonders found along one of the world’s largest rivers, with informative and educational shore excursions guided by knowledgeable and experienced expedition teams.  In other words: it worked.  A simple enough concept to wrap our heads around but the gold in this story is that Seabourn not only tried its hardest to make the interesting sailings wonderful, but looked back to see what they could do to keep that momentum going.

“Seabourn’s goal is always to provide the most enriching experience for our guests,” -John Delaney, senior vice president, global marketing and sales for Seabourn.

Seabourn’s ongoing focus on enrichment resolved as more than a dozen Seabourn Conversations, with Seabourn Guests exploring the Amazon enjoying a strong onboard academic program, with  from the ship’s impressive expedition team, including:

  • Dr. Hans-Petef Reinthaler, the botanical authority aboard Seabourn Quest, as well as a veteran of extensive cruises all over the world. Dr. Reinthaler was awarded a doctorate in Natural Science from Karl-Franzen University in Graz, Austria. His lecture topics included the geological history of South America and the continent’s complex and endangered rainforest in the Amazon Basin.
  • Juan José “JJ” Apestegui, an ornithologist, naturalist, and small-town native of Costa Rica whose curiosity about nature has led him far and wide. His lecture topics focused on more than 1,500 bird specifies found in the Amazon, as well as an in-depth look of their migration patterns.
  • Kara Weller, an Alaska native with a background in research for universities on both sides of the Atlantic, her lectures focused on a range of biological topics, including the Cetaceans of the Brazilian Coast, an in-depth look at whales, dolphins and porpoises that inhabit the coast of Brazil; and Elusive Mammals of the Amazon Rainforest, that revealed the most elusive species of the region.
Ventures By Seabourn
Seabourn ships offer key elements that set the ultra luxury cruise line apart:
  • Spacious, thoughtfully appointed suites;
  • Superb dining in a choice of venues;
  • Open bars throughout the ship;
  • Fine wines poured at lunch and dinner;
  • Ships designed with a country club style atmosphere
  • Unique itineraries that visit all of the Earth’s continents
  • Smaller ships that can visit more places

Still, that list of features alone is not enough to keep their current fans and attract new ones.  Also known for award-winning personalized service, they will have to continue and improve that element more than ever before to compete with other lines in this segment.

Ventures by Seabourn, mentioned here, may hold a lot of their future.  That Seabourn is taking a good look back at the program is significant and typical of the way they do business.  We saw that first-hand on each of the Seabourn Food And Wine Cruises, as each one was both unique and a better experience for Seabourn Guests than the last.


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The optional shore excursions are guided by knowledgeable and experienced expedition teams of scientists, scholars and naturalists. Available in select ports, the program leads guests through picturesque waterways and fjords, secluded inlets and to scenic islands via sturdy, stable Zodiac inflatable boats or paddling in double sea kayaks launched from the unique fold-out water sports marina onboard all Seabourn vessels. Ventures has also taken guests to remote destinations such as Antarctica and will expand to include Alaska for the 2017 sailing season.


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Small Group Ventures By Seabourn Expands Into Northern Europe

Now, Seabourn is enhancing the expedition program in Northern Europe, exploring the northernmost regions of the continent aboard Seabourn Quest. This summer, Seabourn Quest kicks off the season with a 21-day St. Petersburg & Scandinavia cruise.  On June 18 that special sailing will be packed full of exceptional opportunities to experience destinations via informative and educational shore excursions.


Images- Seabourn Cruises

Images- Seabourn Cruises


Designed for small groups of no more than 14 travelers, Ventures by Seabourn offers optional excursions led by an expert team of scientists, scholars and naturalists. The program leads guests through picturesque waterways and fjords, secluded inlets and to scenic islands via sturdy, stable Zodiac inflatable boats or paddling in double sea kayaks launched from the unique fold-out water sports marina on board all Seabourn vessels.

There are close to three dozen Ventures by Seabourn excursions scheduled aboard Seabourn Quest over the season ahead, including:

  • Puffins, Eiders and Guillemots on Vigur Island, explored by Zodiac – Discover Iceland’s small island of Vigur, home to a harmonious gathering of thousands of birds, a beautiful landscape and Europe’s smallest post office.
  • Fjord Journey through Prins Christian Sund – Experience the dramatic high mountain faces and scoured rock massifs by Zodiac, while looking for icebergs and waterfalls engorged by meltwater.
  • Extensive Fjord Exploration to Trollfjord – Join the resident naturalist on a Zodiac to explore the sheltered fjords of Norway and the Lofoten Islands, keeping an eye on flora and fauna while watching for resident moose.

Seabourn Guests exploring Northern Europe this summer will enjoy a strong onboard academic program, with Seabourn Conversations from the ship’s impressive expedition team, including: Ignacio “Iggy” Rojas, Ventures Leader aboard Seabourn Quest and expedition cruising expert; Dr. Coleen Batey, a Senior Lecturer in Archaeology at the University of Glasgow; Luciano “Luqui” Bernacchi, a mountain, ski and naturalist guide who has over 20 years of experience; and Kara Weller, an Alaska native with a background in research for universities on both sides of the Atlantic.


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Give It A Try And See For Yourself
Seabourn Quest returns to Brazil with the Amazon Ventures Program beginning Feb. 23, 2017. Visit for more information. For reservations or more details, please contact a travel professional; call Seabourn at 1-800-929-9391 or visit