Viking Oceans First Godmother An Appropriate Choice

Godmothers ceremoniously enable safe guidance of a new cruise ship and its passengers by blessing the vessel.  It’s an event that culminates with breaking a bottle of champagne across the bow. More than the star of a media event,  the selection and background of Godmothers are important elements of a successful launch that are carefully considered.   Picking the first Godmother for their first ocean-going vessel, Viking Cruises chose wisely.

By tradition,  cruise lines invite a female civilian to “sponsor” a vessel, presumably to bestow good luck and divine protection over the vessel and all that sail aboard.  In ancient times, water, wine and even sacrificial human blood have been used in the name of appeasing the gods and blessing the ship.  Today, naming ceremonies are red carpet events with champagne baptisms and Viking Cruises has done their share of them recently.

Viking ships are built not to satisfy a market demand but to create one. We have seen that with Viking River Longships and will see it again with Viking Oceans

Christening 18 ships in one day,  Viking Cruises, parent of Viking River Cruises, broke their own Guinness World Record last spring  in Avignon, France. Now, the company operates over 50 Viking longships with 10,000 berths.  Moving along to the birth of Viking Oceans, new Viking Star will be the first of three new ocean-going ships under construction.  Appropriately chosen as Godmother, Trude Drevland,Mayor of Bergen, Norway‘s second largest city.

One of the Bergen’s most charismatic and recognizable citizens, Drevland is known for her many civic engagements and support of the arts. Born in Northern Norway, Drevland began her career as a nurse, eventually rising to various roles in healthcare administration, before entering public service.

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 3.54.17 PMViking Cruises, as a company, receives a considerable amount of its momentum from a deep Scandinavian background and the explorer spirit of ancient Vikings.  Named after the Gods of Norse mythology, the Viking River longships were not created to satisfy a market demand for more of the same but built to create a new market.  Like their river-going sister company, Viking Oceans will bring that same spirit to the world of ocean cruising, in a variety of ways.

Late nights,  if not overnight, in port enable guests to experience local nightlife or evening performances.  Every stateroom includes a veranda on ships with less than 1000 passengers on board. Included are engaging shore excursions in every port (you’ll see people taking notes), soft drinks, beer and wine with lunch and dinner, complementary unlimited Wi-Fi access, 24-hour room service and more.

On board with Viking River Cruises, the focus is on destinations for the culturally curious travelers who embrace the experience.  A nearly all-inclusive roster of features helps focus traveler attention on amazing places through included excursions at every stop along the way.

Leading up to the arrival of Viking Star in Bergen, Drevland has also showcased her city in some of Viking’s other online videos, which explore the cultural treasures of the Baltic region.

Here is more on Viking’s most recent christening event: