Viking Longships Christening 2016: Let’s Talk Food

When it’s all said and done, Viking River Cruises will have added six more Viking Longships bringing the existing fleet to 66 ships in total during the Viking Longships Christening 2016.  Those ships will sail interesting itineraries that take Viking guests to interesting places in Europe, Russia, Asia and Egypt.  As they do, the culinary focus will change, reflecting the parts of the world those Viking Longships are traveling in at the time.  Beer and wine served with meals, culinary demonstrations held on board and dining room menus will add to the destination focused ambiance found on board.  Better yet, ample ‘free time’ during and after each day’s included tour will enable Viking guests to connect locally at the scene, bringing a unique travel experience difficult to reproduce on our own.

Check this gallery of culinary moments collected during our travels with Viking.  On our Viking Longship or ashore, these are experiences we just could not get at home;


[URIS id=57169]


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