Viking In The Caribbean: Enjoyable Hardware

Cruise ships come in all shapes and sizes with one sure to be a good fit for any traveler.  Viking Ocean Cruises first ship Viking Star is a unique addition to the list of potential ships from which we might choose.  Clean Scandinavian design lines flow from one area to another, punctuated by engaging crew members.   That combination makes for enjoyable hardware and will prove to be a major factor in the Viking Caribbean experience.


Now just a day away from arrival in the Caribbean, the people of Viking have 930-passenger Viking Star prepped and ready to go in one of the most competitive cruise travel markets in the world.   All major cruise lines familiar to North American travelers sail in the Caribbean and have for decades.  It’s where most of us began our cruise history and have invested a lot of time to become familiar with, on multiple cruise lines.


During this Countdown to the Caribbean we have talked a lot about who the Viking Ocean Cruises experience is not for.  Fans of top deck attractions, casinos and ships that are a destination in and of themselves might not be a good fit.  On the other hand, Viking Star is a lovely ship that is conducive to conversation, relaxation and engaging destinations visited along the way.  More than a ship to stack up against others based on square footage, gross tons, passenger capacity and even price per person per day, Viking ocean cruise ships are enjoyable hardware.


If you’re looking for photos of the ship and spaces on it, the Viking Cruises website is a good place to begin.  Popular Cruising has walk through video of the ship and CruiseFever is working on a 360 degree view of all things Viking Star.  To complement those efforts, rather than detailing the hardware we like to show people like you and I enjoying the hardware.  We’ll have more of that over the next week or so as we continue to sail our New York to the West Indies itinerary.


Viking Caribbean: Unique In The Caribbean

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  27. Al Fresco Seating Areas

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