Travel Gear: Scottevest Has Pretty Sister, Handsome Brother

All it took was one trip with a Scottevest and I was sold.  Our post ScotteVest Travel Vest Has Blown My Mind explained my instant addiction a product that would accompany me on every single trip from that point on.  Via Scottevest I have breezed through airline security checkpoints, been able to travel with carry on luggage only and reduced the volume of clothing I take on trips.  Just when I thought my packing world was perfect, along comes ScotteVest with a new product, one that rocked my world.

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Actually a SCOTTeVEST fan favorite since 2005, the Pullover Fleece model ($65) was new to me, but not for long.  Heading to the Mediterranean at a time when temperatures would dip into the 50’s, the heavier-than-a-vest fleece looked to be the right tool for the job.

Travel Day To Viking Star - 04Indeed it was too, used on a number of flights to keep warm, on the ground at destinations ranging from Italy to Croatia, Turkey and Germany and on deck aboard Viking Cruises new Viking Star, at sea.

While there are not as many pockets in the Microfleece version, they were in great places for passports and items one might need on flights, on tour and on the ship.  Choosing the red version, a blue Microfleece is also offered.  I liked the red one because it made me easy to spot from a distance and happened to let me blend in nicely on a Viking ship where red is the color of choice.

One element of it all that concerned me prior to travel was the bulky nature of this pullover Scottevest.  In actual use though, it could be folded and rolled tightly to fit in a backpack, carry on, or used behind my lower back for support on less-than-supportive economy air seats experienced along the way.


Shown here, an old connection trick: Write flight number and seat assignment on hand in ballpoint pen to avoid fumbling for boarding passes between flights. Once on next flight, a liberal dose of hand sanitizer washes it away.

Will the Microfleece pullover replace my standard Scottevest?   Never! That one is here to stay, but the Microfleece version makes a great addition to standard travel clothing.  Replaced between both the RFID Travel Vest and the Microfleece pullover: any heavier weight winter jacket, a lightweight raincoat (Microfiber fleece is not waterproof but dried rather quickly if caught in a quick shower) and any airline support pillow one might normally take along on a trip.  Rolled, the Microfiber fleece is way more comfortable and useful on a long flight.

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