Travel Gear Preview: Dry Box Rescue Station

File this one away in the ‘good to know but I hope I never need it’ file.  At the pool on an otherwise lovely vacation then all of the sudden a happy traveler realizes: I have a cell phone in my pocket which is now under water.  Day ruined?  Not so fast.

More than 62 million travelers from all over the world to visit Florida for its theme parks and beaches. Many bring cell phones that get wet. Commonly recommended: put the waterlogged phone in a Ziploc bag fill it with uncooked rice, cross your fingers and wait a week. There’s a  chance that the rice will draw the moisture out phone might come back to life. It’s a slim chance but a chance nonetheless.  Nevermind that there will be no selfies. Get over it: You will not be sharing your fabulous vacation with friends.

Now, there’s a better solution appearing at shopping malls and WalMart stores in Florida and Texas.

Wet phones can be saved at Drybox Rescue stations which accelerate and improve the cell phone/rice/ziploc bag solution. Drybox Rescue’s technology removes all moisture from a wet phone in just 30 minutes. Basically: If the phone/rice/ziploc solution will work, it works faster with DryBox Rescue Station.  An interesting business model, using Drybox Rescue Station will cost $20 to try, $40 if it works.