The Ships Of Windstar Cruises: A Brief Introduction

Windstar Cruises operates a fleet of small luxury cruise ships known for its intimate yacht style experience and unique voyages to the world’s best small ports and hidden harbors.  We ran across Windstar while sailing with Star Clippers tall masted ship Royal Clipper not long ago.  At the time, we did not think all that much about Windstar, quite satisfied with our Royal Clipper experience as quite unique.  Fast forward to 2016 and a new President for Windstar, industry veteran John Delaney who we have come to know as a solid rock of professionalism in an ever-changing cruise industry.  That move caught our attention and brings this first in a series of posts profiling Windstar, beginning with the ships of Windstar Cruises.

Royal Clipper Ship Shots - 420

Windstar Cruises fleet includes six yachts that carry between 148 to 310 guests.  Those ships sail to 52 nations, calling at 155 ports throughout Europe, the South Pacific, the Caribbean, and Central America.

Royal Clipper - Whitney - 55
A Brief Review Of Recent History
In 2014, Windstar Cruises grew its fleet of sailing yachts, adding the Star Pride power yacht, followed by Star Breeze and Star Legend in May of 2015.  The trio of ships were formerly known as the Yachts of Seabourn, a company we have covered in great detail here and for a variety of other publications.  That additional capacity opened up new itineraries such as voyages to Iceland, Panama Canal and Costa Rica.  Of particular interest to readers here, more ships allowed Windstar Cruises to sail Tahiti year round. That addition also formed one of the most diverse cruise lines on the planet.


The Windstar Cruises Fleet

Image: Windstar Cruises

Twins Wind Star and Wind Spirit are ships with sails that carry 148 passengers in 74 total staterooms: 73 deluxe, ocean-view staterooms and 1 deluxe Owner’s Suite with queen beds and a dining/sitting area.

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Image: Windstar Cruises

All accommodations include:



Image: Windstar Cruises

Wind Surf is the world’s largest sailing yacht, with 310 passengers in 154 total staterooms: 31 oceanview suites with his and her bathrooms, 2 Bridge Suites, and 123 deluxe oceanview staterooms. Previously reviewed Royal Clipper carries 227 passengers although a new ship under construction will carry 300.

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Image: Windstar Cruises

Included on all Windstar Cruises

  • All meals in all venues at all times, including room service menu available 24 hours
  • All non-alcoholic beverages, including cappuccino, espresso, and other specialty non-alcoholic drinks
  • Welcome cocktails at reception
  • All onboard entertainment
  • Unlimited use of Fitness Center
  • Unlimited use of all water sports equipment
  • Informative nightly port talks and destination briefings

Image: Windstar Cruises

Triplets Star Breeze, Star Legend and Star Pride carry 212 passengers in 106 suites, including two deluxe Owners’ Suites, four beautiful Classic Suites, and 100 Balcony and Ocean View suites.  Fans of cruise to guest ratios like 151 crew to those 212 guests.  That’s 1.4 passengers to each crew member; half the number of larger ships.

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Image: Windstar Cruises

We will continue our profile of Windstar Cruises, taking a look at everything from researching itineraries to booking, planing and getting there.  Want to know more now?  Check these resources for a candid view of what Windstar Cruises is all about

  • Instagram– a rich collection representing the destinations visited by Windstar ships provide real time current impressions of the line.
  • Facebook– frequent, if not daily posts present a good idea of what Windstar Cruises is all about.
  • Google + – not many cruise lines pay a lot of attention to Google + but Windstar does and does it well.
  • YouTube- Windstar has a nice collection of video as well
  • Pinterest – 27 boards range from ships to destinations, passenger photos and more