Stunning Video For Avid Antarctica Fans

Known as the Avid Cruiser to many fans of cruise vacations, Ralph Grizzle has been sailing on ships of all shapes and sizes for decades.  When his trusted, steady voice tells us the notoriously rough sea environment of the Drake Passage, required on the way to Antarctica can also be calm and serene; we believe it. Dispelling that misunderstanding and others about an Antarctica voyage, Grizzle’s latest video for Seabourn cruises captures more than the when, where and how of this capstone event in anyone’s cruise history.  Shot in stunning HD format, Grizzle’s work here explores the untouched beauty of the fascinating continent of Antarctica in true Seabourn style.

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Of particular importance to those thinking or dreaming of an Antarctica expedition cruise, Expedition Leader Robin West and Assistant Expedition Leader Chris Srigley are interviewed and describe what guests will experience in this majestic destination, from viewing the diverse wildlife to soaking in the beautiful scenery.

When you have 8 minutes to spare, take a look at this new HD video that very nicely captures the bigger picture of what a sailing to Antarctica can bring.