Social Travel Website Helps Make Friends Abroad

Often one of the best parts of travel can be meeting former strangers along the way.  When we hear of others traveling to a part of the world we have been in, having ‘our person’ on the ground there is something quite sharable.  That gives those new to the area a place to start and rich travel experiences can ensue.  Now, a new social travel website and iPhone app is available, designed to boost the vacation plans of members by connecting travelers worldwide.

When we hear of someone visiting Jamaica for the first time on an ocean cruise, we suggest our friend Lincoln Stewart for a tour and have for over a decade.  We know Lincoln and know he will take good care of those we send his way.  In Bordeaux, France we we know a tour with Christine Couper when visiting via Viking River Cruises will bring a great day of memories that will live on long after the experience is complete.

But what about places around the planet were we don’t already know someone? is a social travel website and iPhone app that can make that connection happen

A New Way To Make Friends, In Advance
Using social travel website TripTogether‘s Live Chat feature, members can discuss planned trips, hook-up with new friends overseas, show visitors their favorite spots, and share hot tips about real places of interest.  Better yet, TripTogether taps the combined knowledge of a team of Internet travel experts to give their members the valuable vacation planning advice.

Over the years, we learned that international travel done right can broaden our horizons and give us a deeper appreciation of the world. TripTogether takes this a step further to connect avid travelers and locals across the world before they leave home, and not just with a name and contact information.

Travel preparation via this new social travel website can now include social interaction with great advice on desired locations, tips and language learning, with opportunities to meet and plan trips with thousands of members on the site looking to share exciting adventures.