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Travel Insurance and How You Can Get It Free

In great big broad general terms, travel insurance , as it applies to cruise travelers , covers two unfortunate events: cancellation for a covered reason and medical expenses incurred while traveling. Some travelers skip it, playing the odds that they will not ever need it and for good reason: most travelers don’t. On the horizon: more travelers […]

Six Flight Planning Fails For Cruises and How to Avoid Them

Travelers love cruising for a number of reasons. The process of getting to the ship when flights are involved: not on the list. Still, fly we must as driving to Barcelona from Orlando is not an option. Port Canaveral: No problem. An embarkation port outside of the United States takes more effort. Still, we can […]

Buy While You Cruise: Onboard Booking Guide By Your Travel Agent

Wave season officially open, many travelers will plan a cruise in the next few months. This has nothing to do with any specific promotion, cruise line offer or economic condition. Right now is just a very popular time to book. Probably the cold of winter keeping everyone inside, dreaming of someplace else. Someplace warmer. A […]

Safety Tips for Wandering Cruise Travelers

So you’re on a river cruise, exploring amazing places on the itinerary you did your homework on before leaving home. Time off the river cruise ship is commonly spent on organized tours, checking off the boxes to see iconic landmarks and their surrounding area. It’s that surrounding area that beckons to wandering travelers. When the […]

5 Advantages Of Onboard Cruise Booking Promotions

Most cruise lines allow passengers to book again as they sail. An onboard cruise consultant is on duty to help pick specific sailings and/or make an undecided open booking, allowing us to choose a ship and sailing date later. Advantages of booking onboard include: 1. Bonus Value – Onboard Credit available only by booking while sailing […]

Transfer Your DIY Cruise Buy To An Agent For Bonus Value

So you did your homework and found a fabulous deal on a cruise. Maybe it was an awesome Black Friday or Cyber Monday bargain. It could have been a limited time offer for residents of a certain state, a discount for military members or some other limited-time offer. You are happy. Your […]

What We Say to Travel Agents, What They Hear and Why You Should Care

The process seems simple enough when buying a cruise. Decide when and where we want to sail then call or click our way to travel happiness. Some travelers handle the booking process themselves from dreaming to doing with little help, especially when visiting a part of the world they have been to before. […]


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