Seabourn: Touring Saigon

Fully experiencing Saigon (actually called Ho Chi Minh City now), arguably one of the big city names from the news that I grew up with during the Vietnam War, we began with a sailing down the Saigon river that was a lot like a European river cruise. At the port of Saigon we stepped back into history as a shoreside ceremony focused on the illustrious Russian navy of yesteryear. Getting off the ship, we went to Saigon’s heart, shopping with chefs at the local market. On our last day, I hired a driver for a tour of highlights at his discretion. It’s interesting the things locals want to show us, even in a land where people live in an entirely different situation than I have ever experienced in this lifetime.


Saigon Tour - 065


Ceramics Factory
We first stopped by the VABE Handicapped Handicrafts Factory where everything from rice bowls to wall art is made by hand and by handicapped workers. Some made so by the Vietnam War.
Saigon Tour - 023


City Hall
A major source of pride for my driver, city hall draws locals and tourists mainly due to its central location. “It’s big and flashy “explained the driver and the reason for a stop on our tour.


Saigon Tour - 138


Independence Palace
In what looks like the American equivalent of a standard office building is Independence Palace (aka Reunification Palace) which was the home of the President of South Vietnam during the Vietnam War (and when there was a North and South Vietnam)

Also significant, Independence Palace was the site of the end of the Vietnam War during the Fall of Saigon on April 30, 1975.


Saigon Tour - 161

Street Scenes

Like other highly-populated areas in this part of the world, some of the most interesting memories will come from street scenes; the local population going about their daily lives.

Not surprising, many locals wearing surgical masks because of ‘the motorcycle exhaust’ said our local guide.


Saigon Tour - 151


It would be remiss of me not to mention the experience of visiting a communist country; commenting on daily life there and the people of the past and present along with their hopes for the future. After all, not all that long ago we dug deep into the social, economic, political and religious world of the Middle East on a trip to Egypt and Jordan with another luxury travel company, Abercrombie & Kent. Different here, in a Communism vs Islam sort of way the peoples of both nations have entirely different reactions when asked to talk about the topic.


Saigon Tour - 166


Vietnamese people I talked to simply did not have very much to say about life under Communism. When they did, their comments were limited to the job they were assigned for their lifetime, the weather and other safe topics that did not require a comment on their thoughts about the leadership in any way. This will be in interesting topic to reflect on, after the experience, so look for more on that later.


Seen in Port - Da Nang, Vietnam - 053


Unexpected: Pleasant immigration officials at every checkpoint. To enter Vietnam requires a Passengers Landing Card which we presented at checkpoints entering and exiting the country. Usually just a cursory check was made as we came and went to Halong Bay, Da Nang and Saigon. Initially, the procedure was a bit different though.




Requiring a ‘face to face’ immigration inspection on the ship, Seabourn passengers were called deck by deck to report for the procedure. At that point, Vietnamese immigration officials matched us with our passport that was surrendered to Seabourn at embarkation and verified our identity then sent us on our way.

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