Seabourn Brings Destination On Board

Our first port of call on the Seabourn Food And Wine Cruise was the little fishing village of Monemvasia. Seabourn Sojourn arrived at the tender port early and many Seabourn Guests either took a complimentary shuttle into the old town or simply walked the local area, enjoying some time ashore. Still others chose to stay on board to enjoy the ship as we commonly see in the Caribbean for either short port calls or tender ports. Committed to all their guests getting a hefty dose of cultural immersion, Seabourn would have nothing of those who stayed on board missing out. Instead, the brought the destination onboard with a variety of events.

Greek Lunch - 06

The ship’s outdoor Patio Grill started the day off with a Greek Barbecue, complete with a variety of sausages, ribs and Greek Pita bread stuffed to order by Seabourn chefs.

Greek Dancers - 00268

Toward the end of lunchtime, local dancers came on board to perform, dressed in traditional Greek costume.

Greek Dancers - 00199

Before it was all over, many Seabourn Guests joined in the dance, learning at the source, just how to do it right, or something resembling right.

Baklava Demo - 23

The afternoon brought a Baklava Cooking Demonstration by Seabourn Sojourn’s pastry chef along with a take-home recipe with easy instructions.

Olive Oil Tasting - 01

Just before dinner, Olive Oil tasting brought back Sommelier Sebastian Pacheco who shared his knowledge freely, provided guidance for selecting it and what to do with it at home.

Colonade Street Food - 023

That evening the ship’s Colonnade Restaurant, a popular indoor/outdoor-dining venue was the place for a Food Bazaar Market featuring street food ranging from Asian to Greek.

Colonade Street Food - 337

Also featured was Italian and French cuisine, prepared by and reflecting the nationalities of both celebrity chefs along for the voyage.

Colonade Street Food - 056

Interestingly, the barbecue lunch revealed that Greeks like sausages and reminded me of a German-themed dinner in a way, minus the pretzels, although the crusty breads served filled that need quite nicely.


Colonade Street Food - 072

What’s Next On The Seabourn Food And Wine Cruise

Up next we have the first cooking demonstration, this one with guest chef Guiseppe Argentino and a signature Seabourn event, the Mediterranean Galley Market.

Coming up, more on our Seabourn Food And Wine Cruise sailing as we make our way to Monte Carlo, Monaco on a Taste of the Mediterranean itinerary.  Send your questions about the Seabourn experience and the Seabourn Food and Wine Cruise to  We’ll have answers to all of them, either here or in a private reply.

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