Seabourn: A Day At The Beach In Thailand

Seabourn Signature experiences serve as an accurate way to describe a lot about what makes the ultra luxury cruise line tick.   Visiting Thailand on our 14-night Taste of Asia Food and Wine Cruise, we stopped for the day in Ko Kood Thailand, the location of our day at the beach that included Champagne In The Surf.

Ko Kood, Thailand - 007

The day began as many others on this itinerary, early in anticipation of a grand sunrise.  As we approached Thailand, nothing looked all that different from Vietnam and Cambodia, previously visited on this same trip.  Still, before us was a day at the beach, Seabourn style.  That includes a signature Seabourn event, Caviar in the Surf.

Caviar In The Surf - 44

To begin, crew members from Seabourn Sojourn take surfboards out away from shore, normally a short distance.  Apparently, Food and Wine cruises draw more champagne and caviar as a far more than normal number of passengers joined in the fun, causing those surfboards to serve caviar from kept moving farther and farther out to sea.

Ko Kood, Thailand - 116

Along with Caviar in the Surf, Seabourn guests enjoy watersports both ashore and off the back of Seabourn Sojourn’s foldout marina, a fabulous beach barbecue and a whole lot of fun.

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