Photo Storybook: Viking Star To Arrive This May

Viking Ocean Cruises is on track to launch May 17, 2015, promising a new and unique ocean sailing experience.  With initial itineraries that will explore Scandinavia, the Baltic and the Mediterranean, Viking Ocean Cruises will feature an inclusive travel experience inspired by what they do on the popular longships of Viking River Cruises. The notion of a more inclusive ocean experience on brand new ships is resonating with cruise travelers too. Flagship Viking Star, under construction right now,  is sold out for the 2015 maiden season.  For any other cruise line, that would be a huge win.  For Vikings, it’s a call to action and an opportunity to set clear direction for their version of ocean cruising.

In this @exposure photo story book, we take a look at the new ship and many of her unique features. Click here for a glimpse of what we might experience on board Viking Star: