Oven Full, Timer Set, Seabourn Food And Wine Cruise Next

As Seabourn enters the final planning stages of the next Seabourn Food And Wine Cruise, we begin ramping up coverage of this potentially game-changing at-sea culinary event.  On board Seabourn Sojourn again for the 7-night  Taste Of The Mediterranean Food & Wine Cruise , this one promises to be even better than the first sailing, one that proved to be our best cruise experience of 2014.  We are counting down the days (See timer, right), sailing this time from Piraeus (Athens) to Monte Carlo on April 18.

On the 7-day sailing , Seabourn guests will be invited to join a team of culinary experts on a connoisseur’s cruise around the Mediterranean.  Featured on this sailing, an impressive list of events that proved wildly popular on the 2014 inaugural sailing.   Let’s take a deeper look at what Seabourn Guests will experience.

SEA Food - 237

Cooking demonstration and guest menu by celebrity chefs. Italian Chef Guiseppe Argentino and French Chef Jean-Claude Cavalera bring to the table a rich background of culinary excellence and (required for the Seabourn Food And Wine Cruise) ability to communicate and engage with Seabourn Guests.

Vienna Market Visit - 158

Extended Shopping with the Chefs outings ashore, wildly popular on the first edition are back with more opportunities than ever.

5- Livorno - 141

Optional tours of esteemed local wineries will complement onboard programming, taking Seabourn Guests out of the floating classroom and into the vineyards and facilities that produce what they are learning via world class sommeliers.

BLT Cooking Demo - 260

Daily tastings of local food and wine on board.  Bringing back what they buy from Shopping with the Chefs, Seabourn Guests will find those ingredients featured throughout the day and evening, on board.

4- Santa Margherita - 197

Special themed meals featuring local ingredients, many of which were curated during Shopping with the Chefs, others sourced locally at each port of call.  Each celebrity chef will have a special night featuring their creations and be on hand to answer questions and mingle with Seabourn Guests.


Festive deck events and gala luncheons with local entertainment. A signature Seabourn Caviar Sailaway is elevated a bit higher with celebrity chefs on hand.  Local musicians and entertainers brought on board reflect a intense cultural focus as well.

Wine Tasting  - 61

Wine Appreciation Lectures and Tastings by a Guest Sommelier.  There is nothing quite like learning about and tasting wine at the source.

Coming Up:
More details on the next Seabourn Food And Wine Cruise, featuring a focus on the ports of call, included events and options for Seabourn Guests who will be sailing with us

First, take a look at our coverage of the inaugural Seabourn Food & Wine Cruise to get a good feel for what this latest offering is likely to be all about.

The 2014 Seabourn Food & Wine Cruise proved to be a stellar luxury cruise experience,  sailing a Best of the Riviera itinerary from Monte Carlo to Sorrento.  At the time, we noted that the unique content and flawless delivery of the event could prove to be mobile, tapping other regions of the world for a similarly interesting experience both on and off Seabourn Sojourn.