Norwegian Joy Could Finally Shake Cruise Line Rep: “They Charge For Everything”

Currently under construction, Norwegian Joy from Norwegian Cruise Line follows Princess Cruises with their first purpose-built ship customized for China.   The 3,850- passenger ship will include a variety of features aimed to please the Asian market.  Topping the list on the Breakaway Plus class cruise ship?  Culinary options, twenty eight in all, adding up to the widest array of dining experiences yet on any new ship that has been purpose built for China.  Hidden in the headlines, a focused effort to finally shake an often misunderstood element of the Norwegian Cruise Line experience.

Norwegian Joy

Photo- Chris Owen

Purpose built restaurants from bow to stern, bring passengers more dining options than days of their cruise encouraging return visits just to try them all.  Shaking the now inaccurate ‘you gotta pay for the good stuff’ reputation that has dogged Norwegian about as incorrectly as Carnival being known as a ‘booze cruise’ a wide range of complimentary dining options is offered.  True: a host of additional premium dining experiences are also available at nominal extra cost.

Scheduled to start sailing from Shanghai  on June 28, 2017, Norwegian Sea promises is being promoted as a ‘First Class at Sea’ experience. Central to that claim is the culinary program that includes everything from Chinese hot pot to sophisticated French haute cuisine, the freshest Japanese sushi, the highest quality American steaks, burgers and more.

Beginning with once-trendy Freestyle Dining, now offered by most cruise lines in one form or another, one would think the original eat-on-your-schedule-not-ours program to be dated.  One would be incorrect if they did.   Yes, Norwegian’s Freestyle Dining means no fixed dining times or pre-assigned seating. But the program has expanded to include all areas of the ship, not just one cavernous main dining room space.

Norwegian Joy

Photo- Norwegian Cruise Line

Featured Included Norwegian Joy Dining Options:

  • Garden Cafe: Among the inclusive options is the Garden Café, which will offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here, guests can enjoy unlimited visits to a sumptuous buffet of international favorites. The diverse spread will feature classics of Chinese and Western cuisine as well as lively stations preparing dishes à-la-minute.
  • Manhattan Room: For a traditional dining experience Norwegian Joy’s elegant Manhattan Room will offer a vast selection of Chinese cuisine complemented by Western-style classics such as steaks and seafood.
  • Savor and Taste restaurants- The aptly named Savor and Taste restaurants will also serve a wide array of Chinese cuisine, from traditional to forward-thinking Chinese fusion cuisine with pronounced Korean and Japanese accents.
Norwegian Joy

Photo- Norwegian Cruise Line

Featured Premium Norwegian Joy Dining Options-

  • Food Republic- Among the premium offerings, Food Republic allows diners to take a culinary tour of the world without even entering a single port of call. An eclectic menu will draw inspiration from the flavors of Japan, and even such far-flung destinations as Peru. Here, guests can indulge in an extensive sushi selection and enjoy creative fusion dishes, like Food Republic’s signature hamachi taquitos.
  • Teppanyaki offers an authentic taste of East Asia. Here, guests can marvel at a Japanese hibachi cooking performance at their table. Diners also have the option of preparing their own meal with a selection of meats and fresh vegetables at Hot Pot restaurant Sakura & Hibiscus or Korean barbecue table. For fresh hand-pulled Chinese noodles and exquisitely crafted dim sum, there is the Noodle Bar.
Norwegian Joy

Photo- Chris Owen

American Themed Norwegian Joy Dining Options-

Bringing America to Asia, American dining options range from a sophisticated steakhouse to a classic and casual diner. Guests on Norwegian Joy will be able to experience both offerings onboard.

  • Cagney’s Steakhouse will feature premium cuts, like tender filet mignon and succulent bone-in rib eyes, as well as other classic chops, like rack of lamb. All of which can be enjoyed with classic steakhouse sides, like asparagus with hollandaise sauce or truffled French fries.
  • American Diner promises the best in American comfort, from meatloaf and potpies, to burgers and fried chicken.
  • Neptunes- The azure Pacific waves that carry Norwegian Joy from port to port will no doubt induce in passengers’ craving for fresh fish, which can be satisfied at Neptune’s. This seafood specialty restaurant will feature a stunning buffet of fresh seafood, both chilled and raw, on ice. Guests can enjoy an expertly prepared catch from Neptune’s à la carte menu, too.
  • La Cucina and Le Bistro- Italian and French are among the best cuisines that Europe has to offer, and Norwegian Joy will allow guests to indulge. La Cucina will specialize in a mix of contemporary Italian pastas and handmade gnocchi, along with meat and seafood dishes, while Le Bistro will serve the most refined French cuisine on the high seas.
  • The Bake Shop- For those with a sweet tooth, The Bake Shop is certain to quell those cravings. This boutique bakery will offer a tantalizing variety of handmade baked goods, like cupcakes, macarons, chocolate pralines, and Japanese mocha sweets, to name a few.


The newest and most luxurious ship from Norwegian Cruise Line will be the first-ever cruise ship customized for the China market. Beginning Summer 2017, Norwegian Joy will sail from her new home in China offering a wide range of luxury experiences and never-before-seen experiences at sea such as a two-level race car track on the top of the ship and a world of virtual reality experiences unlike else at sea.