New Viking River Itineraries Singularly Extraordinary, Mustard Optional

Promising a unique river cruise experience is a big part of what Viking River Cruises is all about.  On their fleet of award-winning Viking Longships, cruise travelers looking to get really experience places they have read about, seen in films or been captivated by on television their entire lives do exactly that. Frankly, Viking has made an art out of knowing what mature in mind travelers are looking for.  They do it every day.  Still, resting on their laurels is not what Vikings do.  Wonderful news for engaged travelers, Viking’s penchant for exploring brings new itineraries to their ever-growing fleet.   Today, we have information on two of those new itineraries.

The Switzerland to the North Sea itinerary takes Viking guests along emerald river banks to Germany’s castles, Holland’s windmills and to a pair of Europe’s most famous centers of arts and culture, Basel and Amsterdam. Another itinerary, Bavaria to Budapest features two of Europe’s most captivating capitals, Vienna and Budapest. This is a Danube destination immersive cruise that includes Austria’s exquisite Wachau wine region.   Here are the details of both new Viking River Itineraries:


Switzerland to the North Sea


Storybook Enchantment along the Rhine

After years of extensive renovation, art lovers can now explore the completely transformed Rijksmuseum, as well as the aesthetically redesigned Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. If I were sailing on this one, I would for sure add a few days on the end to explore Amsterdam. Also to enjoy: Strasbourg’s Alsatian beauty; Germany’s riverside castles and Holland’s iconic windmills. Along the way, Viking guests will have time to wander through quaint villages and sample wines from lush vineyards. Where else can we experience the scope of exquisite hillside castles, storybook villages and world-renowned cultural institutions on one river cruise?

Bavaria to Budapest


Bavaria’s Splendid Skies and Fine Wines Beckon Travelers

Viking guests experience Bavaria’s medieval architectural treasures in Regensburg and Nuremberg. They have time to stroll Vienna’s grand boulevards and linger in her charming cafés. Guests enjoy the cosmopolitan city of Budapest, the “Paris of the East” and discover the beauty of the Danube Bend, a haven for Hungarian artists. From Austria’s wine-producing Wachau Valley to the Benedictine abbey of Göttweig, this is a cruise designed to inspire all.


On either itinerary, expect one of our very favorite parts of a river cruise: Bratwurst at every stop along the way.  Here’s more on that in this video that got us hooked on the idea, several years ago: